Sebastian Knight has now successfully taken over his family business and his father’s place as alpha, currently suffering with no luck finding his mate. That is all about to change when Alison chambers walks into his business, showing her clumsiness, innocence and pureness. He finds himself drawn to her. She his human, he is a werewolf. Where will fate take them?


1. Mine - Chapter 1 - And you are?


Today was my first days as now being a fully clarified business woman, I had spent almost 3 years in College University, with the help of my parents I have managed to gain myself a high position job.

I ran my hand down my skirt thinning out any creases. Pulling my overcoat tightly over my simple white t-shirt I let out a deep breath. “Alison!” My father called, I ran out of the bathroom after taking another glance at my appearance. “Coming” I yelled back. I switched the lights off before me, throwing on my heels I stumbled. Grabbing hold of the wall, I sighed. “Ali, your already late” my dad complained. “I know, I’m coming” I sighed.

“Alright ali, honey. Don’t let us down” my dad smiled, waving me goodbye. I watched him disappear in the mist as I turned to face a large building. I checked my clothing as I made my way to the main office.

“How can I help you?” The lady asked, pulling her glasses closer to her eyes. “Hi, I’m Alison Chambers, I was hired here just recently” I replied, resting my hand on my hip. “Oh yes, Alison you’re located on the 5th floor, ask the staff and they will guide you from there” she smiled, “thanks” I smiled, walking toward the elevator I put my head down and pushed around in my purse trying to find my reading glasses before I ran into someone, “I’m sorry!” I whispered as I rose my head to see a tall muscular figure standing before me. He chuckled and held out his hand. I grabbed hold and he pulled me to my feet without a struggle. “And you are?” he asked, amused. “Um” I spoke, clearing my hair out of my eyes. “A-Alison Chambers” I stuttered, “Nice to meet you, Alison” he smirked and I felt my cheeks flush. “What floor?” he asks, gaining my attention, “5” I murmured. “You work here?” I asked, trying to make a conversation. “I, Alison am your boss” he smiled and I mentally face palmed. Not even 20 minutes here and I had made a fool out of myself in front of my boss.

My hand was still warm from his touch, I couldn’t help myself but to stare into his office, when he met my gaze I shifted my head back to my computer screen. “Mrs.Chambers” a husky voice called above me. I looked up and saw him standing there. He caught me I thought to myself rolling my eyes. “Yes, sir” I replied. “can I see you in my office” he spoke, motioning to the door. “yes sir” I nodded, as I rushed behind him.

“First of, my name is Sebastian Knight” he smiled, and I rubbed my hands together, making myself uncomfortable. “Am I in trouble?” I asked nervously. “I’m sorry for staring” I blurted out and I cursed under my breath. His laughter filled the room and I hid my face hiding my embarrassment. “I like you already, Alison” he chuckled.  “But, no you are not introuble” he informed. “I had brought you in here to welcome you to my company, If It wouldn’t be to much to ask, would you be able to mail these out to the surrounding staff immediately” he asked, “Sure” I nodded and he smiled.


I watched her as she left my office. She made her way back to her desk and stared at her computer, I let out a low growl as my cell phone started chiming.

“Sebastian speaking” I answered, “Alpha” Bens voice filled the line, “Is there something wrong?” I asked, growing frustrated. “Yes sir, Jared has tracked a coven of vampires 30 miles out from the house” he stated. “He’s keeping a close eye..but I thought I should let you know” he muttered. “I’m on my way” I put my phone into my pocket as I barged out of my office. Alison looked startled and instantly drew her attention off of me.  I smiled at her failed attempt. “Alison?” I spoke, “yes?” she answered, “sir” she instantly added as I shook my head. “I’m stepping out for a moment, I trust that you wont hurt yourself whilst I’m gone?” I asked, her face instantly glowed and I smirked. “N-No sir” she stated. “Good, I will see you then” I smiled.

I peeled off all of my clothing and left it in my car, I shifted and let my wolf take over me. I took control on 4 legs as I ran toward the forest. “This way alpha” Ben mind linked me, I followed his direction as I smelt something off. “We are close” he hissed as I let out a low growl. “How many?” I asked, growing impatient. “There are 6, alpha 3 males 3 females” He replied. “Jared and the rest should be here any moment” he linked.

“Surround the area” I ordered, they all separated taking different directions. I waited for confirmation before pushing myself out into the open. The smell had grown overly powerful to my nostrils as I growled in disgust.

“Get them” I growled, and they all howled in response.



I ran my hands through my hair as I groaned in annoyance.  The letters were all muffled up, in different piles. I grabbed the envelopes and placed them in a neat pile before grabbing the letters one by one labelling each by name. The elevator suddenly came to a stop. Sebastian walked out running his hand through his hair as he looked in my direction. I hid my smile and put my face down. “Almost done?” he asked, right beside me. “Almost” I echoed. I took in his appearance. His hair looked like it had been baffled in the wind, It suited him. His blue eyes watched me as I placed the last one into place. “here, sir” I handed to them, he knelt down so his lips were to my ear. “Call me Sebastian” he whispered.

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