Woodland Candbury is having strange dreams about a girl. He thinks she not real , a illusion made by his mind, a dead girl. But what if he falls in love with her.


1. The dream

    Woodland's P.O.V

I am sitting on my bed thinking about what  I am going to do while listening to music. I had a dream last night about a beautiful girl in danger.

*Dream begins*

She was, believe me or not, falling from the sky. I tried to catch her but I couldn't. She was screaming like crazy.Her long auburn hair transformed into a snake. I choked into it. The girl was laughing at me. I honestly dont know what to think about it. Her brown eyes locked into mine.She was wearing a necklace with wings on it. I think she was an Angel sent from Heaven. She streched her small, graceful hand out towards me. I shook it. Her eyes still locked into mine.

'What's your name?'. I asked. But the girl didn't anwser. No, she walked towards a forest. I didn't see that. She was giggling. Her white lace dress blew up from the wind. Her brown ringlets danced with the music of the leaves and the birds. It's was magical. I felt like I was in Heaven. The girl abruptly stoptted and shook her head which cost the ringlets to dance again. I saw something human. The girl looked terrified. She put her hand on her mouth. In her hair she had a garland. With blue, purple, pink and some other colors on it. She wore white lace flats. Which went great with the dress she wore.   And the necklace and a pink bracelet. The creauture looked a little bit mean or angry towards the girl. The shy and terrified put a auburn ringlet behind her ear. "Who's is this?". I asked myself. I dont know what this is . The thing is actually a girl with long blonde hair and piercing green eyes. She wears the same chlothes as the girl.She still looks angry towards the girl and frowning her eyebrow.

'Yzalla Grace Rose Dunnigham. Who's this?'. The other girl asks while pointing at me. I wave. She rolls her eyes. Yzalla tucks the embroidery on dress.

'I honestly dont know'. Yzalla says shy and very quiet.

'I am Woodland, Woodland Candbury'. I say polite and shook the other girl's hand.

'Sorry  for  being rude but Yzalla is actually not allowed to bring people here. I am Arabella by the way'. Arabella says.

'Nice to meet you ' I say. Arabella gestures me to follow her, so I follow her. We are at a green tent / door thingy. Arabella smirks. She goes inside. So do we(me and Yzalla ofcourse). This room is packed with girls all in the same dress as Yzallas and Arabellas. I wonder what this is. A girl with strawberry blond hair beckons me. I 'm confused and point to myself and mouth "Me". The girl nodds and chuckles. Another girl with chesnut hair frowns her eyebrow in dissaproval. The strawberry girl walks towards her. She says something in the girl's ear who lookes scared. Arabella walks towards the strawberry girl.

'Ruby, dont do that' she says firmly. Ruby rolls her eyes.

'What, it's not everyday a cute guy comes to visit it. So'. Ruby says crossing her arms. Everbody laughs. Ruby turns red of anger.

'Fiona, are you alright?'. Yzalla asks.

'Yeah, sure'. Fiona says while shrugging her shoulders. I still am laughing at what Ruby said.

'Ruby was angry. She decided to go in a boy's dream'. Another girl says. Men, how many girls are here. I am in Héaven.

'Are you sure?, Ivory' Yzalla asks. So, they come in peoples dreams. Boys dreams actually.

'Ivory!'. A girl with ginger says.

'Chillax, Ellice'.

'So,what are you in the name of God'. I ask.

'Everybody, calm down'.

'Thank you'. Arabella says.

'Everybody , go. Woodland . You are staying.'

'So , what in the name of God are you?. Guys' I ask.

'We are Faeries. Ke!'. Yzalla says/ screams obvouisly annoyed.

'What the heck is that?' I scream back.

'We go into boys dreams and steal stuff. We make them go insane. Think we're real. But we dont. Touch me. Touch me, Woodland'. Arabella says. What's going on?'. I strech my hand out and my  hand goes straight to Arabellas shoulder.

'Oh..... My...... God!'. I say and put my hand on my mouth.

* End of dream*

'Woodland!'.My mom Rebecca screams. I moan and yawn.

'What!'. I scream back.

'Time to go to school'. Mom says cheerful. Shit, I forgot about school.

'Do I need to?, mommy. I am not feeling too well.' I say. Mom rolls her eyes.

'You do, go to the kitchen. Woodland Evan Candbury'.

'School, school'. The twins Lena and Lona say in unison.

'Shut the....* up'. My elder sister Pharren says.

'Pharren, watch your language'. My dad Heath says.

'Oh baby, I've missed' . My mom says all lovey-dovey. Ugh, it's making me sick to my stomach. My dad is the famous buisnessmen Heath Candybury. My other family including: Amy, Celina, Meghan, Andriana, Scott, Levin, Jayden, my dog Goldy, Rose my grandma, Pete my grandpa, Jason, Leon and the other twins : Camryn and Carsyn and Tyron and Tyson. Everybody is now at the table. We are a huge family with 12 kids and 4 adults and 4 dogs: Goldy ( he is mine), Spark, Belle and Lady. So, in total we are with 20 living creatures . But my house is huge. I am the oldest male kid. Pharren the female. She's nineteen. But still lives home. Celinas is fourteen. Amy is twelve, Meghan is fifteen, Andriana seventeen, Scott eight, Levin six,  Lena and Lona are four, Jayden seven,Goldy (dog) two, Rose and Pete 78, 79. They live here because there house burned down and they didn't have the money to buy a new one. So, they live here with us a pack of sweaty teenagers who listen to garbage like Psy and stuff. I mean serious have you seen Gangam style?, it's garbage. But not as stupid as the Harlem Shake. I 'm into old music like Bob Marley . He's good . Why do all the good singers die?. Jason is nine, Leon six, Camryn and Carsyn are fourteen , Tyron and Tyson thirteen. Spark's 3, Belle seven and me : I am seventeen.  I have an old Cadillac. I love it. It's always loud at our table. But I like it. I dont like silence. I absolutly dont. I eat a sandwich with cheese, an egg and one tea spoon of mayonaise. The others are already gone with my mom. Except for Celina, The C-twins and T- twins , Meghan and Andriana. Andriana had a car but let her friend Britney ride with it and she carshed it because she was checking some guy out . Claiming he was Harry Styles. But nope, he was a hobo. Haha. So Andriana got grounded and was not allowed to have fun or drive a car till the day she is dead. Poor baby. She tells the story everyday and about her boyfriend : Aysen. Who's on the Football team. She's a cheerleader. Aysen has blond hair and blue eyes. Celina's in the Drama club . Because she wants to be like Selena Gomez. Well, they share a name and that it. Celina has blond hair and green eyes. She reminds me of Tangled. Meghan is on the soccerteam. Andriana is a cheeleader. The C- twins are in drama too and in Music just like me , Celina and Meghan. The T twins are in soccer too. I give mom a kiss on the cheek and dad a hand. He is not a hugger but that's oke. I run opstairs because I am still in my PJ's. I grab a black  jeans , a leather jacket , a black tee and some black Vans. Yeah, I like black. Ke?. I grab my backpack, wallet, Iphone and keys. I run back down stairs. Where Celina's waiting. She wearing a black Starbucks icon tee, black skinny and some purple Doc. Martens. Yeah, she's my sis. She likes Bob Marley too and Justin Bieber , One Direction, Rihanna, Little Mix and Selena Gomez of course. She twists a blond earlock around her finger. She looks sad or angry. Her green eyes look at me. She starts crying. Celina tries to say something but I dont let her. I sush her and swing her left and right. She looks so helpless. I need to know what happend.

'Cel?'. I ask.

'Yes'. She says in tears.

'What happend?'.

'Brody. He cheated on my. You know Kaylee?. I saw them kissing. And it's not some little innocent one. No, it's a REAL one. He did not even kiss me like that. And I am(she shakes her head) I mean was his girlfriend'. She says .

'Brody McCallen?. Should I take care of this?'.

'No, Woodland. Just stay the hell out of this. If I see you hurting him. I swear you're not going  to know what hit ya'. She says.

'But, Cel. He hurt you. I am your big brother and I dont let any jerk or anyone hurt you'.

'Thanks, really. I appreciate it. But I love him'. She sighs.

'I know. Just when you 're out of the car. Be confident. Show him what he misses. Cuz, you're a catch'.

'A catch?'. She frowns her eyebrow. I am really good at this. Celina laughs. That's more like it.

'I love you. Celly-Welly'. I say. That's her nickname.

'Love you too. Wood'. She says and we cuddle.

'Look at you too, You guys look like a freaking couple!'. Pharren yells.

'Pallen. Shut up!'. Cel says and we laugh cuz that's what the little kids call  her and she absolutly hates it. Pharren rolls her eyes. She grabs her handbag . Kisses mom and dad. And goes away. Phieow, I taught she was never going to leave.

'What eves'. She say.

'My god, is she grumpy again?'. Meghan asks.

'Yep'. Cel says popping the "P".

'We better get going. It's 8.45 PM,already'. Camryn says.

'Your'e right . Cam. C'mon kids'. I say in a weird voice. A phone goes.

'Hello, you're speaking with Celina. Oh, hai Gemma. Sup?'. Gemma's Celina's BFF from the U. K.. She's in America now.

'No, you stupid *. It's me Brody. You missed me?. Babe? Of course you did. Wanna meet at my house after school. Il'l be waiting. By the way sounds my voice like a girl'. Celina is terrified. Tears streaming down her pale face.

''Give me the phone'. I say. Oh yeah, BTW we are in the car. Celina's paralyzed. Meghan is shaking her.

'Gimme the damn phone!'. I say.

Carsyn peeles it betweens Cel's fingers and gives me the phone.

'Thanks'. I say. Carsyn nodds.

*Skip because phonecall was not inapropriait+skip the rest of the ride*

I park the car in my usual spot.

'Rember what I said. Cel'. I say towards her. She nodds. I see my best friend Finnick.

'Hey Fin, Sup!'. I yell. He doesnt respond. He walks around like a zombie.

'Fin. What happend?'.

'I dreamed about a girl. She was gorgeous'.


So , cliffhanger.

Tell me what you think.

I dont hate Gangam style or something.

I hope you liked Chapter one.

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