Word Called Love

Hi I am Kathryn Nikki Clark my Family calls me Nikki, my friends calls me Kath, people at my school calls me Niks or Nikki I am a 16 yr. old I am in Collage.. I breathe,I smile,I walk,I talk,I laugh,Like everyone else did. But Something In My Life I haven't Done yet, People always talking about it,people cry about and people smile about it, What was it? the word? ah.. yes .. LOVE. People always talk about Love.. what was it anyway? They said it will come to me like a Thief-In-the-Night, You'll never know When.


3. Worried.

Zayn's POV


I walk in our house and greeted my family.

Hey, Zayn whats wrong? My mum says 

Nothing, mum just tired. I say as I hug my mum

Ok, I'll see you in the morning go rest now. My mum says smiling

Ok, thanks I love you. I say giving my mum a peck in the cheek as I head to my room. I put out my phone and sent a message to Kathy.

To Kathy: Hey.. Where are you know? please answer.

I pressed the send button and I walk to my closet to change to pjs. I walk out of my room and head to the kitchen its already dark, I grab a glass of water and head back to my room I check my phone but still there is no answer Im starting to get worried I sent a message again


To Kathy: Hey.. please answer.

I put my phone on the nearest table and I throw myself in my bed without even noticing I drift off to sleep.


I open my eyes and I glance to my wall clock its already 10 pm I jog to my phone and still there is no answer I run to the coat rack and grab a coat I jump as my phone vibrates, I jog to the direction of my phone.

From Kathy: Im in my bed watching the telly.. you? :)

To Kathy: I was worried Kathy, Why didn't you answer earlier?! are you ok?! ://

I sigh to relief I throw myself to my bed once again to continue my beauty sleep I close my eyes as I drift off to sleep.



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