Word Called Love

Hi I am Kathryn Nikki Clark my Family calls me Nikki, my friends calls me Kath, people at my school calls me Niks or Nikki I am a 16 yr. old I am in Collage.. I breathe,I smile,I walk,I talk,I laugh,Like everyone else did. But Something In My Life I haven't Done yet, People always talking about it,people cry about and people smile about it, What was it? the word? ah.. yes .. LOVE. People always talk about Love.. what was it anyway? They said it will come to me like a Thief-In-the-Night, You'll never know When.


2. Why?

Liam's POV


Let's go. Kath says opening the door, We head to our next class and I settle to my seat, The teacher starts the lesson Hurray! my favourite, but even though its my favourite I can't help to look at Kathryn and I don't know why, I caught Zayn glancing at her too, and she glanced too, but Zayn looks away. It really pisses me and I don't even know why, 


The bells rang and I got off my chair and someone puts their arm on my shoulder

Hey mate, what's with the face?. Harry says smirking

It's nothing mate. 

Really? Oh, ok. He says letting me go, getting out of the classroom, I sigh shuffling my feet to my next class.

I got worried when I noticed that Kathryn and Zayn weren't in they're seats. Are they dating? Did they go out? Did Zayn do something bad to her? or.. NOO!! I shout standing up, and then I noticed that everyone was staring at me.

Is something wrong, Mr.Payne?. My teacher ask in a worried face.

Nothing, Im sorry. I say settling back to my chair. Why?


I walk through my car, and start the engine, and start to drive.

I walk in our house and saw Harry in pj's eating popcorn while watching the telly, Ofcourse he's fast because of his Ferrari. He noticed me coming in.

What happened to you, mate? Harry says munching.

Its, nothing mate. I say getting a glass of water.

I know something's wrong, Liam

Nothings wrong, Harry. I say copying his voice

Well, if nothing is wrong why shout No! in front of 20 people? He says emphasising, No

I'm just tired you know. I say walking to my room and shutting the door behind me.

I pushed my shoes away and I throw myself on my bed I grab my phone and I send a message to Kathryn.

To Kath: Do you know any places here in my house that is quiet? .. :) 


Its been half an hour and still she didn't reply. I sigh and I get out off bed I opened my door,  I saw Niall eating some sandwiches, and Harry still watching some football game on the telly, I took the empty couch beside Harry and start getting comfortable.

So, where's Zayn. I say looking at Harry

Don't you remember? He have to go to his Mum, tonight. He says eyes still focused on the telly. And I actually remembered it, What is wrong with me?! I say to myself

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey, still awake?.. where's Niall?. Louis says entering smiling

Ugh, yeah cant sleep.. He's sleeping already. I say looking at him 

Oh, My mum is coming. He says still smiling I nod he takes the seat next to me, he grabs his phone and scrolls he rangs someone and it didn't answer.

A girl? I ask smirking

Erm, yeah. He answers still reaching her.

Who is,she? I say 

Erm, Ka-. He was cut off because it answered

Hi, Ive been calling you. He pouts but still smiling. I stand up heading to my room I reach for my doorknob

I have to go, Ryn my mum's here. What? Ryn? is it Kathryn? I shake my head and continue to go inside my bedroom. I throw myself again in my bed and reach for my phone 

From Kath:  Ha! In your room? :P

To Kath: Oh, Ok .. thanks HAHA. goodnight x 

I smile as I send my reply, I put my phone on the table and reach for the blankets, Why, Why is this happening to me? I say to myself I close my eyes as I drift off to sleep.




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