Word Called Love

Hi I am Kathryn Nikki Clark my Family calls me Nikki, my friends calls me Kath, people at my school calls me Niks or Nikki I am a 16 yr. old I am in Collage.. I breathe,I smile,I walk,I talk,I laugh,Like everyone else did. But Something In My Life I haven't Done yet, People always talking about it,people cry about and people smile about it, What was it? the word? ah.. yes .. LOVE. People always talk about Love.. what was it anyway? They said it will come to me like a Thief-In-the-Night, You'll never know When.


1. New Classmates


I let out a big sigh as my alarm went off. I get out of bed and starting to shuffle my feet, I head towards the bathroom and as I walk in the bathroom I caught my reflection on the mirror OMFG.. I whisper to my self.I look so Horrible, I ignored my reflection and start to strip myself I head to the shower, As the cold water touch my bare skin I start to shuffle.

Ok..Fresh & Clean. I said to myself as I walk through the doors of my walk in closet. I put my hands on my waist and began to think of what to wear a dress? no .. So I decided to put on this

I put on some light make up and I slide my backpack on my right shoulder as I admire myself in the mirror I smile as I make my way downstairs.

Good morning, Mum I say as I kiss her cheek

Good morning, Honey she says smiling

Where's Dad? I say munching a sandwich

Oh.. Your father got off early because he has a meeting with some american's. My mum say taking another sip from her cup. As you can see my Father is a Business Man in a Big Company so my dad make's a lot of money that we have a big white house and it has three people living in it, Sometimes it gets really scary in here.

Oh.. Good for him.. Bye mom I have to go I don't wanna be late. I say giving her a peck on the cheek


I opened the door and found my driver already waiting for me.

Good Morning Miss Clark. He says smiling

Good Morning Jeff. I say smiling back entering the car.

He starts the engine and got off. I put out my Iphone and unlocked the screen I scroll and found 6 messages, I open the first message.

From Erin :Hey, Babe How's the date with Mr.Handsome.. Ha! see you at school later. xx

To Erin :He's not handsome! ew!.. And he's an ass he has a girlfriend already.. see yah! x

From Lorraine :Kath, Im truly sorry for sending you away with him it was Erin's idea, babe.. :) x

To Lorraine: *sigh* It won't help.. Ok?.. Don't make plans for me Again. x

From Jake: Niks! I am sorry baby.. I didn't know we're still in a relationship.

From Jake: Please Niks.. hear me first. :((

From Jake: Baby :((

From Jake: Please reply.. see you at school tomorrow.. maybe your asleep .. ILY.. xx

To Jake: FUCK YOU!.. oh so you didn't know.. that is why your making out with her at the back huh?.. I don't wanna see you. FUCK OFF!. Save The 'ILY' for your BABY.

I let out a chuckle hitting the send button. He is an ass.. When he left his phone on his range rover last night to buy some food. Ans His "Baby" ~That was the name on his phone~ called and I answered it.


I'll be back, Love. He says getting out. I smiled. Not so long his phone rang. I look for the name it was Baby.. 

Baby?.. I whispered to my self. I slide the answer and a girly voice spoke.

Hello, Baby.. How are you? Still working?.

Erm.. who are you? I spoke

I am Nicole ..Jake's girlfriend. 

Oh..sorry I am dating him right know.. maybe he'll call later. bye. I say hanging up. I was shocked at the moment and before he come's back I jump out off his range rover I called a cab and got off.


Miss were here. Jeff spoke

Oh thank you Jeff, see you later. I say hoping out off the vehicle

Kath! Gabbie shouts heading towards my direction

Gab, Hey! 


So ..what??

How was Jake?

As we walk towards our class I told her everything. And we were joined by our other bestfriends. Us 4 have been bestfriends since 5th grade so were very close. We head to our classroom and took a seat. 

Ok..children today's lesson is how t-. she was interupted by 5 boys walking towards her. And our class went crazy and I don't even know why.

Oh..right .. we have new students here, They are from a boyband called One Direction, Boys please tell us about your selves. Mrs. Collins says. And my class went crazier. As I observe them I remember my friends talking about them, they even have posters of them.

Hi Im Harry,Harry Styles. The curly one says. It was so perfect as he move his hair

Niall Horan. His thick Irish accent sent shivers to my spine.

Hello, Liam Payne. The brown haired guy says. Omg. I just..

Zayn Malik here. His eyes are so freaking perfect. 

Hi! Louis Tomlinson. So..cute. I love his voice

What am I thinking? I whisper to my self.

Ok.. please take a seat on the vacants. As they approach the vacant seats. It was all so close to me. Harry on my front, Niall on my back, Louis on my left side, Liam on the right, and Zayn in the right of Harry. And the lesson continues. 

-----------Skip Class Scene------------

We are all in the cafeteria and my bestfriends are talking about how perfect they are, They are really perfect but-. my thoughts were interrupted by Erin.

Omg.. They're here. Erin whisper to us. I look around at the cafeteria and I found them talking to each other, but where is Liam? Omg, what am I thinking? Am I crazy? I never fangirled before.. 

I have to go to the bathroom.. wait here, girls. I say as I walk towards the bathroom. I look towards the mirror and found some guy reading a book. I tried to scream but he put his hand in my mouth he pulled me in one of the toilets and locked it. He put me in the top off the toilet still covering my mouth. I was so scared, I can't even move our face were millimeters away as soon as I observe his face.. 

Hi.. don't tell them Im here.. He whispers uncovering my mouth

Liam? I whisper back

Yeah.. Hey.. 

Why are you here?

Well, Im trying to read my book but it was so noisy outside.

Oh.. we chuckle together

Well.. I know somewhere that is quiet. I whisper smiling

Ok.. he says as he open the door. we sneak out upstairs through the top. As we get from the top we both laugh hard.

So.. I'll leave you here? I say smiling

Erm.. can you stay a bit, we still have an hour.. it's ok if you want to go. He says as he observe the sky. I smile as I walk towards him.

So... Why are you guys here? I say starting a conversation.

Erm, To Learn? he says with a cheeky smile

Oh.. I mean why here? 

Why not? with a cheeky smile again. I let out a chuckle

Well, ugh.. nevermind I say giving up

So.. how about you? he says. And we talked for about an hour, exchange numbers until the bells of the school rang.

Let's go? I say walking through the doors. And we went to our next class. Our next class was boring. But I caught Zayn Malik looking, I looked back but when I look he always looks away.

-------skip class------

Hey, guys wait here..I have to go to the loo (bathroom) I say running towards the loo looking back at them as I run I bumped someone..

ow.. I say holding my bleeding knee

Oh.. Im sorry.  A familiar man voice spoke helping me. I look up and saw Zayn in a worried face.

Oh..god.. let me carry you to the clinic. I just nodded and he carry me up bridal style with his strong arms. As he walks to the clinic I can feel his hot breathe. A shiver went trough my spine, and I can't even look at him.. why?. he enter the clinic and put me on one of the clinic beds a nurse came right away.

-----skip scene-----

As I got out off the clinic I glance at my watch it's already 4:30 pm the hallway is almost clear. Then I hear a light snore I look around and saw Zayn sleeping. He was waiting for me. I smile as I walk towards his chair and sat beside him.

Zayn..Zaaayyn. I whisper

Zayn..Zayn. I whisper shaking his shoulder. He open an eye and starts to rub it.

Hey.. sorry Im tired from our tour.. didn't get enough sleep. He explain standing up

No.. its ok.. sorry for bothering you, you shouldn't have waited for me. I say smiling

No, its my fault anyway.. are you ok now? Let me give you a Lift home. He says smiling

Oh, I can't I have a driver.. You should go home.. you must be tired. I say

Oh, If that's the case, Let me walk you outside. He say smiling handing me his hand, I accept his hands and we start to walk.

So where's your driver? He says looking around

Oh, he'll come later. I explain

I will wait for him. He says smiling

Oh, no please don't you've done so much. I say smiling back

No, I'll wait here. He says sitting in a bench.

Ok, I give up. I chuckle sitting beside him

So.. what's your name? he says breaking the silence

I'm erm.. Kathyrn Nikki Clark but you can call me whatever you like. I say smiling

Oh.. Im Zay-. 

Zayn Malik, my friend likes you so much. I say giggling

Oh.. well how about you who's your favourite? He says looking straight to my eye not even blinking. 

Erm.. Iam not a fan.. sorry. I chuckle.

Oh, ok. He says looking away. We talked like for an half hour, until his phone rang.

Hello? he says 

Oh, I'll be home maybe at 6.. please mum. I tap his shoulder and he looks to me

Go, please. I mouth him

No. He mouths back


Erm, Mum Nevermind what I said I'll be home now.. ok, bye. He says hanging up

Will, you be okay? its already dark you know. He explains

I'll be okay I promise. I say squeezing his hands

Erm, Let's exchange numbers.. call me if something happens okay?.. I nodded and I put out my phone and I gave it to him,he gave his phone and I wrote my number and took a picture, he did the same.

Ok, bye. I say waving

bye. He says walking towards his car and not so long he went off. I sigh, my phone vibrates and I put it out.

From Jeff: Sorry, I can't pick you up dear, my wife is in the hospital right know she's in labor.. Im sorry, Be safe.

To Jeff: Its ok, God Bless & Good Luck Jeff, see you! x

I check my pocket to find some money.. nothing.. I check my bag for my wallet.. Oh..god I forgot it in the house. 

achhoo!.. achoo!.. Oh.. god... How can I get home?.. Oh, wait mum. I putout again my phone and look for the contacts.

RING! RING! RING! ...Hi this is Rose..I can't get to you right know..Please leave a message. 

Oh..god. I whisper. Oh right Dad.


Hello, darling? My dad spoke

Yes, Hi dad erm..I just-

Yes, darling I can't get home tonight tell your mum ok?.. ILY, be safe.. muah! He says hanging up 

I didn't get to say anything. I pout

achoo! achoo!.. its cold in here. I whisper hugging my backpack

Hi. I man spoke, I jump up

Oh, Im sorry to startle you, why are you still here its already 7pm? He says.. I turn around and saw..

Hi, Im Louis Tomlinson. He says

Erm, Hi..Yeah well my driver can't come and my parents are busy.. Hi,Im Kathryn Nikki Clark.. I smile sarcasticaly

Oh, well you should take the cab. He says

Oh, I left my wallet at home. I say looking down.

achoo! achoo!..sorry.. I whisper 

Hey,Hey its already dark let me drive you home. He says handing me his handkerchief 

Erm, thanks.. I can walk. I explain 

Where do you live?.. he says putting his hands on his waist

Erm..crowndale rd. bayham st.. I say looking down.

He grabs my arm and we start to run towards his car, he put me inside and shut the door. He goes to the drivers seat and start the engine, and we went off.

What.. are you doing. I say looking at him

Driving you home.. crowndale rd. is too far you know. He explains. I let out a sigh and settle to my seat.

achoo! achoo!. Louis turn the car and stop he takes off his jacket and put it on my shoulder.

No Im, ok.. I say moving away

No your not. He put it on my shoulder his hands touch my skin and it was so hot.. and like I wanted to cuddle with it.

Here take this too. He says handing his handkerchief, I take his handkerchief.

Thanks, lou. I whisper but loud enough for him to hear. We past through the nandos and I just stared at it because I was hungry I haven't eaten yet.

Hey Ryn, are you hungry? Louis says noticing I've been staring at nandos

Not really. I say looking down at my hands.

Well, Iam hungry. Louis says turning the car. I just smiled. and he mustve noticed it, because his smiling too.

He got out of his car and opens my side off the door. 

Lou, I don't have any money. He winked and pull me out swiftly from his car, I smiled again

I'll promise, I'll pay you. I whisper

I don't want it. He whispers back jogging through the restaurant. I chuckle.

We talked, and talked about our self,past relationships,like everything. We got out of the restaurant and head head towards his car.

Im really stuffed, Ryn. He chuckles 

Me too. I chuckle

Hey, give me your number maybe we can talk again next time and have some tea. he says still chuckling

Ok, give me your phone. I say and he put out his phone and I put my number. 

Here. I say giving his phone back.

I'll just call you, Ok?. 


--------skip car ride----------

Ok.. just drop me by the big gate there. I say pointing the gate.

Ok.. wow you have a big house. He say, stopping the car.

Thanks, and Thanks for the everything, Lou.. Bye! .. I say getting out of his car.

As soon as I got out of his car.. I waved at him and got inside.


I walk through the kitchen and saw a note in the table. 


Hey, Nikki.. sorry I'll be out for a week.

We have a trip.

sorry, take care, be safe.

Tell your dad too ok. I love you

                                     Mum,     xx


Home Alone. I sigh, I shuffle my feet and head towards my bedroom. I change for some comfy pj's and a tank top

I turn on my telly and throw my self in my comfy bed. I reach for my backpack and put out my phone. I have 3 missed calls and 7 messages

Missed Calls:

Unknown Number 

Unknown Number

Unknown Number

Oh it must be Lou. I whisper smiling, I rang the number and 

~~~~~PHONE CALL~~~~~

Hi, I've been calling you know. Louis pouts

Sorry. I apologize

Well, What are you doing?

Watching The Telly,Home Alone.you?


Oh. I chuckle

Oh, I'll call you later, ryn my mum's here, good night! He hangs up.


I check the messages and

From Liam: Do you know any places here in my house that is quiet? .. :) 

To Liam: Ha! In your room? :P

From Gabrielle: Hey Kath!.. we saw you and zayn ;) x

To Gabrielle: Oh, shut up! He bumped me.. okay? And you didn't wait for me ! meaniesS!! :/

From Zayn: Hey.. Where are you know? please answer.

To Zayn: Im in my bed watching the telly.. you? :)

From Erin: You! .. what was that with Zayn?! Ha! ;) 

To Erin: Ask! GABBIE! ok?! It was nothing! :////

From Zayn: Hey.. please answer.

From Zayn: please.. If you dont answer I will go there right know.

From Dad: Darling, I can't get home till next week, ILY x 

To Dad: well, Mum is not going home till next week too :(((((

I chuckle at Zayn's messages.

I close my eyes and drift off to sleep..





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