Abbey and Axel


3. Abbey

Yeah, so, after that it was the end of the day.

We packed up the art room, cleaned the tables, swept the floors, and all that.

Then Axel and I headed to Mr Reyna's office.

"Mr Vyzos, whether you knew it or not, public displays of affection is strictly against the rules of our school, if I see anything like it again, don't expect me to be as lenient as I am being today. Any questions?"

Axel shook his head, and I thought we were just going to leave it at that, but Mr Reyna had not finished yet.

"Miss Jeydon, the same goes for you, because I'm sure we can think of something worse than taking away marks. I'm sure your parents don't overly care about them, do they? That's because they don't care about you."

I tensed, fearing that he would say that.

It wasn't entirely true.

My parents are never home.

They bought another house closer to the city, and I haven't seen them since.

Every week though, they send money for bills and all, but…

"I'm also sure that the teachers know how much of a troublemaker you are that they wouldn't care if I used something against you…"

"Leave her out of this, it was my fault, okay?"

Axel stood up, coming to my aid.

So, after sitting there for another forty minutes getting a pep talk on responsibility and honesty, Axel and I were finally walking to my house.

"Thanks for sticking up for me back there."

"I couldn't sit around and watch you suffer."

After that, we walked in silence.

We to my house at about 4:30 by the time we got to the house.

I unlocked the door and walked in, turning back around to see whether Axel was following.

I found him still standing outside the door.

"What's wrong?"

He was just standing there looking at me.

"I… nevermind."

"You can't hide everything from me, you know that, don't you?"

Instead of answering, he walked inside, I guess hoping that the topic would never be brought up again.

I walked straight to my room, dropped my bag off, and walked back to the kitchen, finding Axel sitting at the table, looking at my drawing.

I walked over to the cupboard and made a couple of sandwiches.

I offered Axel one, and he quickly thanked me as he took a bite out of it.

"So, you love my artwork?"

He looks up.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know. Well, I'm going up to my bedroom, okay? Give me a shout if you need something."

I made the trek back up the stairs and into my bedroom, where posters of my favourite bands and my art littered the walls.

I shut the door, sat on my bed, listened to my iPod (PARAMORE!) and got out my school books.

After checking my work, I ripped several pages out of my books, and threw the books at the wall.

The next thing I know is that Axel is sitting beside me.

I didn't hear him come in at all.

"Now I'm the one asking you whether anything's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong."

"Are you sure?" he looked concerned, "If there is, I want to know, so I can help."

"It's just what Iris and Bec said today. It's the past, you don't need to worry about it."

"Okay then, but if you want to tell me, I'm right here."

So once again, we sat in silence, until Axel went back to the kitchen.

In the end I stopped listening to Paramore since it was starting to make me angry.

Iris and Bec… I think our friendship may have ended today, at least the 'close' part of our close friendship.

I lie down in bed, hoping to forget about what happened, and forever stare at the ceiling.

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