Abbey and Axel


1. Abbey

It was near the end of the school year when it happened.

He just… appeared, out of nowhere.

I didn't understand how or why, but I was hoping to find out.

It was a normal Monday at school, but I thought it was the best school day of the week.

Drama, P.E, and Art were just some of my favourite subjects, with P.E being my favourite subject overall.

Well, Iris, Bec, Jak, Blaize and I were doing what we usually do at breaktimes: Iris talking so fast that you couldn't understand what she was talking about at all, Bec flirting with the guys, and Jak and Blaize doing whatever.

I chose to just sit there, and I guess try to pay attention to what's going on.

Truth is, I was having a daydream, okay?

It wasn't unusual, just something that happens often.

It was about… nerdy stuff I guess.

Nobody really knows I'm nerdy.

Anyway, I had a rude awakening when a massive face appeared in the sky that looked a lot like Iris's, and said "Hellooo? Anybody home?"

As the last bit of my daydream faded, I shook my head and gave Iris my best 'I-Am-So-Annoyed-With-You-Right-Now-I-Could-Rip-Your-Head-Off' look.

She obviously didn't get it, and asked me again if I was home.

"No, I'm away with the fairies."

She snorted and laughed, "I got that, you had that blank look on your face. Wait, you always have a blank look on your face."

I couldn't stay angry with her, I laughed.

"Well, now that you've got my attention, what do you want?"

She sat back down, and all I heard was "Dijaseeim?"


I put on my best 'I'm so confused' face, and sat there waiting for a slowed down version.

"Did. You. See. Him?"

"See who?"

She must have thought I was playing dumb, and said in her 'God you're so stupid' voice "Axel."

"Axel? Where!?"

I might have sounded a bit desperate, but I am.

Axel had been coming and going, year after year.

One year he'd be here, and the next not.

He was alright looking, smart, brave, courageous, cool…

"Earth to Abbey, he's right there"

Hearing Iris again, I turn to the direction she was pointing in.

There he was, half hiding behind a pole, staring at me. His startling green eyes felt as if the were not only looking at me, but looking through me.

He motioned for me to come to him, and I hesitantly got up and awkwardly walked towards him.


He put his finger to my lips and grabbed my arm, dragging me down the hall, outside, and towards the Gym.

When we got inside, he embraced me.

It had felt like too long since he had done this, but I guess that's because it was a year ago.

Lucky for us that Mrs Florington had finished setting up for next block.

After what felt like ages, we finally separated, leaving all the awkwardness behind.

After forever staring into eachother's eyes in silence, I finally had to break that silence to ask the question that I always ask.

"Where have you been?"

Breaking eye contact, he turned around and folded his arms.


"Do I get a better explanation than that?"

He turns back around, his eyes ever so green, and his face hardened.


"Will I ever get a better explanation"

Feeling again his piercing, startling green eyes seeing right through me.


With that the music (Our school's bell) went, and we both got ready for P.E.

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