A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing


1. A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing...

I walked into the room and looked around. There was hardly anyone in here at the moment.

Looks like it's going to be one of those days.

I place my bag at the door and take my detention slip to the teacher sitting at the desk.

"Amity, isn't this the fifth time in two days."

I shrug, and move towards my usual seat. I grabbed my school books from the cupboard right beside my desk and sit, looking through them until I find something to do. Just as I started to finish some of my maths homework, he walked in.

I think it was the way he walked into the room that caught my eye. He held his head up high and walked as if to say Yeah, I got a detention, what of it. You could tell that he had done this several times and, to be honest, it was kind of hot in that bad boy way.


He strode up towards the teacher's desk, slip in one hand and the other in his back pocket. Mr Jura took his slip and had to put his glasses on to read what was on it.

"J…A…C…E… Jacky, is it?"

He smirked and ran his hand through his hair, "It's Jace, sir, not Jacky."

Mr Jura shrugged and welcomed him to the detention room.

I watched this boy called Jace walk towards the desk next to mine, and started blushing. At the last moment I dived into the cupboard beside me, pretending to look for a different book to work in until he had settled into his chair and started doing his work. At least I thought he was doing his work. I grabbed my English book and snuck a glance at his book and found him scribbling nonsense onto the page, every now and then stopping to add on to a picture that vaguely resembled a house.

That's pretty much how I spent the rest of my detention, studying this Jace, watching everything he did, and taking note of what he looked like.

He was tall, he was blonde, he had blue eyes, whenever he paused from his scribbling, he ran his hand through his hair (I noted that this happened not just because he had paused from scribbling, but because he was flustered). All in all, I reckon if you looked hot up in the dictionary, his picture would be there.

I was furiousy writing all this down that I didn't notice him looking at me until the last minute. He had his trademark smirk on his face, and his eyes lingered on my eyes. I didn't notice that he was moving his hand over his page until he held his book up.

He had drawn me.

It was pretty accurate too. He had even added colour to it, catching the little flecks of gold in my brown eyes that appeared when I sat in the sun.

Underneath he had written something.

When will I get to see you again?

I scribbled my answer on to a piece of my English book and passed it to him. He grabbed it and chuckled to himself, then let the paper fall to the floor. He put his book back onto the desk and pulled the pages out with all his scribbled notes and the picture resembling a house, and left the picture of me in there. It was now the first page in his book.

Grabbing his book, he got up and walked out of the room, despite protest from Mr Jura. I looked down at the paper on the floor and smiled.

Tomorrow in Detention.

It wasn't that long before I got out of detention and started heading home. I could not actually believe that a boy had asked when he would next see me.

It felt as though I was walking on air all the way home, and I couldn't wait to tell my mother what had happened.

…I can't tell her, I thought, just as I got to the front door. She isn't here. She hasn't been here for a year, neither has he.

I wrestled with my bag to get the keys out, and unlocked the door. I let it swing open, hearing the usual creak of the door welcome me before I walked in. As usual, it was eerily silent, but it felt more so than usual. Iturned and did my usual inspection of the house before settling down and eating my dinner.

Before long, I was waking up, my plate on the floor and a nice red handprint on my face.

I yawned and got up to look at the time, but completely forgot to and just started getting ready for school. By the time I had packed all of my school stuff into my bag, I actually glimpsed quickly a the clock, paused, then stared angrily at it.

It was only three o'clock in the morning.

I waited for the five hours to pass, thinking of what to say to that Jace dude, and headed off to school.

Not surprisingly I arrived early, and had to stand outside in the cold for half an hour before my teacher appeared to unlock the door.

At first, she walked straight past me, then retraced her steps and stared at me hard.

"It specifically says no loitering in the school rules, and for that I have to write you a detention slip."

Did I just look like someone who deserves to get a detention for everything I do? I remember the time I got a detention for getting an A on a science test because the teacher beieved that I cheated.

I grabbed my slip off of her, and headed inside. I glanced down at it and noticed that I had detention for a whole two days. At least I didn't have to go to my classes for these two days. I headed straight to the detentio room and handed my slip to Mr Jura and turned before he could talk to me.

I waited the whole day out, waiting for Jace to appear, and at the beginning of lunch he waltzed in, head high once again.

He headed over to me, and I was glad that there was a fair few people in here, or everyone would have probably started staring.


His voice was so rich, I was positive I coud have drownned in it's tone.


"I want to come to your house."

WHAT. We haven't even been on a date and he's already saying he want's to go to my house.




At that point we finished our conversation and he started scribbling in the book with my picture in it.

I watched him for a while, until detention had finished. Jace walked beside me, occasionally nodding when I was talking to him. In the end he started talking and I got distracted by his voice so much that I wasn't even listening to what he was saying until he mentioned "Girlfriend"

"Huh?" Real smart Amity.

"I'm Gay."


He put his trademark smirk on and laughed.

"I'm joking! I just said that because I knew you weren't listening."

I laughed nervously. I've known that many good looking guys that have been Gay, and I was a bit apprehensive after that.

"So, what about girlfriends?"

He took my hand and got down on one knee.

"Will you, Amity, be my girlfriend?"

I could feel my face burning, and had to look away from his perfect eyes for a moment to compose myself.



"Yeah. Yes."

We walked hand in hand for the rest of the walk to my house.

As we got to the door, I once again had a struggle with my bag to grab the keys, and unlocked the door, but this time did not wait for the welcoming creak of the door. I stumbled in, tripping over the step into the house, but Jace steadied me, for which I was grateful. Jace had his phone out and looked like he was playing a game. I made a disappointed sound in the back of my throat, annoyed that all he wanted to do was play a game now he was here. I showed him around, going from room to room, deeming most of them as spare rooms. Jace asked whether there were any other exits, and I showed him the fire escape and the back door. I asked him why, but he smirked and said "For emergencies. Parents, you know."

I told him that my parents haven't lived here for a year, and he just shrugged, muttering something about it being easier.

I asked him if he wanted to stay for tea, be he said he had homework to do, since he didn't do it in detention, and he headed out the front door, calling out that he'd be back tomorrow.

I decided to skip tea and headed straight for bed, waiting anxiously for tomorrow to come.

I woke up at the right time today, even though that wouldn't affect my all day detention, and headed straight for the detention room again. Mr Jura must never leave this room for he was asleep, drool coming out of his mouth.

I wasn't expecting Jace to geta detention today, be he came in just after lunch today, but because there was hardly anyone in the room, we didn't speak. He got out the book with my picture in it and I couldn't help but notice there was red smeared all over it.

"What's that?"

I pointed it out, and he smile sheepishly and grabbed out a red pen with red all splattered inside it. "My pen leaked. Sorry."

The rest of detention went by quickly. Jace just scribbled in his book and drew a house plan. Perhaps he was studying to be an architect.

On the walk home, we held hands again. It once again felt lijke I was walking on air. This time, Jace grabbed the keys and unlocked the door, and moved into the house as if he had lived there his whole life.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" I asked as he looked at me as if wanting something. He yawned, and I instantly knew what he wanted.

He wanted to go to bed.

I took him to my room and smiled. I layed down and he sat beside me stroking my hand, and whispered that he was going to get me a drink. I nodded slightly, and closed my eyes, waiting for him to come back. When he came back, I hadn't noticed how thirsty I was until he placed the drink next to me. I gulped it down gratefully, and watched him walk back out of my room. I drifted into a fitful sleep not long after that. I felt someone shift me slightly, and rested easy, knowing that it was probably just Jace back.

I woke in what felt like ages, and went to rub my eyes but found my hands tied behind a chair I was sitting on.

When did I get onto a chair?

I looked around until I noticed Jace sitting opposite me, a knife in his Right hand.

"Jace? What's going on?"

I managed to keep my voice level, but I was freaking out.

"I'll show you what's going on. I am amazed that you didn't notice what was going on considering how you stare at me and what I'm doing in detention all the time."

He places his book with the picture of me in it in front of me, and slowly turns the pages. I read  the notes, look at the pictures, and realization dawns.

I have found my next victim. Her name is Amity and is one of the kids who always seems to get detention for doing nothing. I obviously don't pity her otherwise I wouldn't do what I am going to do to her. She is completely obsessed with me, I can tell by the way she looks at me. Whenever I am near hear, she seems to inhale me. I am glad to be rid of her soon. I have studied her house carefully, and know how I'm going to get her. She is desperate, so why not pretend to give her what she wants.

"I guess I just taught you something. Don't trust everyone you meet."

I saw that the house plan I had seen him draw was my house, rooms in the right place, exits explained in detail.

"You're going to kill me."

My voice shook violently, but a strange sense of calmness came. I watched Jace walk around me, but could not see him after he walked out of my peripheral vision.

"Don't be scared," he said, as he drove the knife into my back, "I really am Gay."

My vision blurred and everything seemed to slow down. As everything seemed to shut down, I remembered one thing that I got taught at school that wasn't actually true.

They all said that a little learning is not a dangerous thing, but as I came to find out today, a little learning is a dangerous thing…

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