Twins *one direction*

2 twins absolutely love one direction. They have everything in common. They look alike. They dress alike. They have powers and they love eachother. They so everything together. But when they go and meet one direction. Will they have to show their true form? Or will they have to assassinate one direction? Read 'Twins' to find out!


1. Leigh and Leah Hatchcross

Hi I am Leah and I am Leigh. And we are twins. We are very active and we are fairies. We kinda look like tinker bell. (See the front cover). We are very bubbly. We have blue eyes and white hair. We both have a lump in the upper back. That's where we store our wings. We are 5"7 and we have 'c' cup boobs:( anyway, in fairy form we both look alike as well. We are identical twins/ awesome twins. Haha. We don't have any friends. Because we were home-schooled. If your wondering why. It's because we were very unstable with our fairy form so we weren't allowed to go to school like that. Leah likes Niall and I myself, Leigh, fell in love with a vampire, Harry Styles. 

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