Twins *one direction*

2 twins absolutely love one direction. They have everything in common. They look alike. They dress alike. They have powers and they love eachother. They so everything together. But when they go and meet one direction. Will they have to show their true form? Or will they have to assassinate one direction? Read 'Twins' to find out!


5. Chapter 4

Leigh's POV 

meet flew in our room to see...mother? "Mother?" Leah and I say "yes. This dirtbag was licking your walls!" She says strangling harry as we saw fangs coming out if her mouth! "Mother no! He's our friend!" We say again "oh! Sorry honeys" she says letting go. "Your a vampire?" Leah asks "yeah" mother says "AHH!!" Mother screams as blood trickles from her heart "GO!! TAKE FATHER AND HARRY WITH YOU!!" Was my mothers last words "do you trust us?" Me and Leah ask harry "erm yeah" he says "okay" we grab both his arms and fly outside up in the air holding harry "FATHER!!" Leah and I scream "I'm right here now go!!" Father says in fairy form. We start flying when we hear and ear-splitting scream. Harry starts to get dragged down. A few seconds later pain shoots through my heart "LEAH!!" I scream looking down at the horrible sight. Blood was bursting out of Leah as Leah hangs there lifeless "LEAH!!" I scream starting to cry. I spot a big lagoon up ahead. "We'll drop her in th-there!" I say pointing to the lagoon "alright" harry says. We reach the water based area and drop her "Leah" I whisper crying "harry I'm gonna make you fly alright" I say blowing some special powder onto him making him fly. I start to cry as I flew away "oh sweetie I know it's hard she was your best friend" daddy says "I know" I say as I stop flying "dad?" I ask "yes pumpkin?" He says "umm, can I date?" I go red in the face "of course you can! Your 17 sweetie!" Dad laughs flying off "sheesh could've slowed down!" Harry says panting as he finally reached me "sorry" I laugh blushing. 

~Harry's POV~

i was 'trying' to catch up and 'accidentally' earvsdropped on Leigh and her dad having a conversation "umm, dad? Can I date?" Leigh asks going red in the face as she looked down "of course you can sweetie! Your 17!" Her dad says. I smirk. 'I can go out with her!' I thought smirking again "yes!" Leigh whispers. I start pretending to pant "sheesh you could've slowe down!" I say making Leigh blush. 

~Leigh's POV~

I blush and flew off with harry next to me "so are you allowed to date?" Harry asks curiously "ugh yeah, why?" I ask stopping again just above a familiar house with a pool behind it "just wondering" harry says flying off. I follow constintly looking at the house "dad, where are we going?" I ask accidentally cutting myself on a tree "you'll see!" Dad says laughing "HARRY!!" A girl screams flying next to him. I really like harry "ugh hi Sarah!" Harry says not enthusiastically "GIVE ME A KISS BABY!!" Sarah says kissing harry 'Please help me!!' Harry thought "ugh you know your kissing my boyfriend!" I say sassyly "no he's mine" Sarah says pulling on harry "ugh okay! Explain this!" I say kissing harry. I feel him smirk and kiss back. I smile and Sarah says "OH YOU CHEATER!!" And walks off "oh yeah that's what I'm t-" I get cut off by harry kissing me again 'you talk too much!' Harry thought "I do not!" I say crossing my arms over my chest smirking "oh really?" He asks touching my neck sending chills I've NEVER felt before down my spine "did you feel that?" Harry asks "if you mean chills down the spine then yes" I say creeped out "that's love. But we can never love eachother...." He trails off tears brimming his eyes "because fairies and vampires don't do very well together. The vampire will eventually drain the fairy and kill it" harry says making me gasp and fly back covering my mouth "y-you'll never do that? Right?" I ask "of course not" harry says hugging me "then that's all I need to know to love you" I say kissing his cheek "and even if you try to drain me, you'll be on the floor paralyzed for a few hours" I say smirking bringing sass into my voice "your cute" harry says tapping my nose "GUYS" dad screams "ugh sorry!!" I say flying with harry beside me. He winks and I giggle "you have the most cutiest giggle ever" harry says "thanks" I say blushing a deep maroon colour. 


A/N thanks for reading ill post in a couple of days or hours. Depends what mood I'm in. Umm if your reading this can you please pretty please comment your name, age, height, personality, if you want to be a fairy, mermaid or a wolf or even a devil, your eye and hair colour, and your last name either Horan or Tomlinson. Your pick. So I can add you to the story! Thanks ~angel;D

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