Twins *one direction*

2 twins absolutely love one direction. They have everything in common. They look alike. They dress alike. They have powers and they love eachother. They so everything together. But when they go and meet one direction. Will they have to show their true form? Or will they have to assassinate one direction? Read 'Twins' to find out!


4. Chapter 3

Leigh's POV 

"LEIGH, LEAH LUNVH IS READY!!" Father screams "umm b-" I was cut off by a loud thud "what was that?" I ask "father" harry says "father? What happened to him?" Leah asks cocking her head "he just died" Niall says proud of himself "we'll we've gotta go!" Me and Leah say bringing our wings only, out "WAIT! Can we possibly ugh stay with you guys?" Niall and harry ask at the same "umm okaaaaaayyy" me and Leah say flying to the front door as harry and Niall run smirking at eachother. We go inside after we invite harry and Niall in "umm harry and Niall are staying if that's okay dad?" Me and Leah ask at the same Time.....again "we'll your gonna have to feed off of blood bags for now that's all we've got for you to stay alive "yeah that's okay" Harry says "Harry isn't that the girl you saved at the age of msbdx?" Nialls mouth gets covered with Harry's hand "I smell blood of a human. 2 humans" harry says "STOP!!" I say making him freeze where he is "you can't go into my bedroom!" I say bringing him down the stairs "if you do, YOU AND ONLY YOU can lick the blood off of the walls and floor and take the bodies give one to Niall, okay?" I ask "ill do it ill do it" harry says pleadingly "whatever!" I say releasing the hold I had on him. Making harry run to Leah and my room. 'Hes stupid, I never really wondered why I liked him, Leah, he's a real pain in the ass. But in the end, I can always defeat him' I communicate telepathically "AHH!!" Harry screams from my room. Me and Leah fly up there full fairy and see.....



A/N sorry it's a short chapter. I'm really find this story amazing. 

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