Twins *one direction*

2 twins absolutely love one direction. They have everything in common. They look alike. They dress alike. They have powers and they love eachother. They so everything together. But when they go and meet one direction. Will they have to show their true form? Or will they have to assassinate one direction? Read 'Twins' to find out!


3. Chapter 2: love at first sight

Leigh's POV 

we walk out and stop dead in our tracks "ahh the beautiful twin fairies" the father that tried to take us as children says "well look at the guy that sucked my fathers brains out!" I say sticking my tongue out at him "ugh ugh ugh!" He says taking out a piece of copper. "And what's that gonna do to me?" I asked laughing a bit "I killed your father with this. It's a fairies weakness!" He says putting it on me and Leah. But we don't react "this house is made of copper dude" I say casually "it can't be!" He says backing away looking behind us. We turn around to see.... "DAD!!" Me and Leah scream at the same time "hello my little pumpkins" dad says laughing a bit as he hugs us "it can't be! I killed you!" The man says "no you didn't apparently!" I say acting sassy "we'll see about that!" He says taking charge at us. We turn full fairy and inflict pain on him "twin instincts" me and Leah say at the same time "do you guys want to look different from eachother?" Father asks "umm no we don't actually" we both say "oh just wondering" father says "FATHER LEAVE THEM ALONE!! YOU'LL NEVER BEAT THEM!!" A young boys voice echoes. I follow it and eventually find...a young boy yelling at the man that tried to hurt us. He looks at me and I fly away "WAIT!!" He screams "what?" I ask rather unkindly "umm I'm truly sorry about my father! He hates fairies" the young boy says as another boy comes out "LEIGH!! LEIGH WHERE ARE YOU??" Leah calls flying around "IM OVER HERE!!" I scream not letting my eyes leave the boys "oh there you are" Leah says "who are you?" We ask at the same time flying down slowly "I'm harry and this is Niall. My brother " harry says "h-harry styles?" I ask nervously " that's me" harry says as me and Leah land on the ground quietly "you are very pretty" Niall randomly says to Leah "ugh thanks" Leah says blushing. She is really easy to get. Where as I am very VERY hard to get "as do you?" Harry ask my name "stupid quotes don't get me flattered curly. You may be famous and I look up to you. But don't fool yourself thinking you can get me with a couple of stupid statements. The names Leigh" I say turning human as does Leah "and this is Leah, my twin" I say "I can definitely see that, but I can tell you two apart" Niall and harry say at the same time "that's nice" I say "okay how about I go inside with Leah and leave you two alone? Eh?" I ask 'dude no! They are INCREDIBLY cute and I am in love with Niall!!' Leah communicates telepathically "that's nice that you think they are cute and you- oh sorry" I say realising I spoke aloud.

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