Twins *one direction*

2 twins absolutely love one direction. They have everything in common. They look alike. They dress alike. They have powers and they love eachother. They so everything together. But when they go and meet one direction. Will they have to show their true form? Or will they have to assassinate one direction? Read 'Twins' to find out!


2. Chapter 1: love is a strong word

Leigh's POV 

Me and Leah sleep together. Yes, we have to. We don't mind it though. Because we are related and we are twins. I am older by 14secs. I know. We were very close after that. We never left eachothers side. If we were 17 meters or more away from eachother we'd start to cry. As babies though. As 17 year olds we just feel pain in our heart. No-one knows we exist. Not even doctors. We were home birthed. In a pool. Mum died giving birth to us because she had VERY HIGH blood pressure. It was a pity we didnt meet her. Our father was the best. Until a vampire came and sucked the daylights out of him at the age of 12. We hid ourselves as they looked for us. There was 2, 12 year old boys there too. They were quite hot. One had curly like brown hair. And another with bleached blonde hair and blue eyes. I read the green eyes boys mind 'I can smell them, I'm not going to tell my father though' that's what he thought. I loved him great fully after that. Anyway, back to the story. I woke up as I heard a loud ruckus from downstairs. I looked beside me. Must be Leah trying to cook breakfast again. I thought I got my wings out and flew downstairs "what did you do this time Leah?" I ask rubbing my eyes as I land on the ground with no sound and put my wings back in "I dropped the saucepan, no biggy" Leah says "okay" I say making my way to the lounge room wide awake. We live on an unknown island near the edge of Cheshire. I plonk onto the red couch and watch Adventure Time "BREAKFAST IS READY!!" Leah scream setting the plates on the table "enjoy" she says as I take a seat "thanks it's very nice" I say as u gulf down a chunk of bacon, egg and pancake "your such a pig!" Leah says. Lets get this straight, I like harry and Leah likes Niall. "You love it" I say shoving another mouthful of food down "yes I do love you" she says laughing and flew up the stairs into our bedroom. We do t move into different bedrooms because there's only three and we dare not go into mother and fathers rooms. Yes they had separate rooms. Don't know why. I finish my plate and chuck it in the sink and walk upstairs an into Leah and I's room "Leah?" I ask. Someone covers my mouth and holds my stomach. Another guy comes out and has Leah in his arms roughly. I bite the dude that's holding me's hand. He lets go and I run to Leah. I punch the dude in the face and grab Leah "oh don't be like that" the guy that I bit said holding his bleeding hand "and why the fuck not?" I say as me and Leah grab both of the guys neck and transform into a full fairy "what do you want?" I ask choking the guy I bit "your virginity!" He says. I slap his face "what do you really want?" I ask again "n-nothing but your virginity" he says smirking as I choke him harder "what?" I ask again "v-virginity" he says. I concentrate and think. I feel his head grow. BOOM!! His head explodes and blood goes everywhere. I turn and face the other dude "your turn" I say as Leah makes his head explode making more blood go everywhere. We high-five eachother and smirk "practice time" I say excited. We head outside and stop as we see...

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