School and it's Pleasures

I've been moved around for years and years, and now this?
Boarding school.
Well, I guess it is better than staying with the Devil, a.k.a, My Aunty Rae...


2. Chapter Two

So, I made it through Homeroom (Just), and made my way to my first class:English.

I tried to get to class before anyone else in hope not to be humiliated in front of everyone again. Anyway, you get picked on for being the first into the classroom because you are then apparently a teacher's pet. I watched as everyone walked into the room, taking their seats, then she walked in.


She noticed me, then turned her gaze away. What? Would I really embarrass her that much?

She walked over to a table and sat by herself. I couldn't help but feel hurt because she had been so nice earlier, and now she's snobbing me?

In class, we discussed a peculiar topic, which in the end I didn’t think that it was that peculiar considering the circumstances:How many girls from all-girl schools end up Lesbians?

I recognized one of Paige's minions sitting at a desk with a group of other girls, and kept looking at Skye and snickering, having a good gossip about something. I looked at Skye, and she was either oblivious to those girls, or just simply ignoring the snide comments.

Anyway, class was over, and I walked out and got out the picture of my parents. Were they happy? I turned the photo over and found that my Aunt had written on the back of it.

Thank God they're dead.

I was about to put it away just when Paige walks by and snatches it from my hands.

"Who are they, huh? They the people who sent you here, runt?"

She turns it over in her hands, then threatens to rip it until she notices the writing. She smirks, drops the photo, then slams me into the wall.

"Ooh, looks like we’ve got an orphan! Where's your mummy, runt? Oh, she's dead? Is she dead runt?"

She slams me against the wall again, and her minions come over to finish it off for her. Some held me down while the other clawed me or cut me with   pocket knives that most seemed to have. Finally Paige came back in and kicked my stomach hard, leaving me winded. All of them then ran off, leaving me winded, crying, and bleeding on the floor.

After about ten minutes, I'd managed to control my sobbing, and dragged myself to my dorm room. There, I lay on the bed and resumed sobbing uncontrollably until I heard the dorm room door open. I opened my eyes to see Skye standing over me…again.

"Oh, Amity…"

She sits on the bed beside me, placing the photo of my parents on the bedside table, and holds me until I stop crying.

"Why do you help me, but you don't want to have anything to do with me?"

She sits back, letting me sit up properly, and crosses her legs.

"I didn't want you to have to deal with rumours spread about you. Didn't you see the way people were talking?"

I wipe away a tear that had escaped, and shake my head.

"I know they were talking, but I don't know what they were talking about. What were they talking about?"

Skye pretended that she didn't here my question, at least I think she pretended, and walked over to the other bed and sat down, watching me curiously. I felt my temple, and immediately retracted my hand from the immense pain on my forehead. I walked over to the bathroom and saw how cut up and bruised I was. I felt my lip tremble as I walked back to my bed, and had to compose myself before walking back out there. Skye was still sitting in the same spot she was in before, staring at the spot I was sitting in before.

"Don't you have something better to do than sit there and stare at my bed?"

She snapped out of her staring and looked at me.

"This is my room too, so I guess we are roommates."

We both just sat there silently for five minutes, and I watched several emotions play on Skye's face until she had obviously come to a conclusion on something.

"Are you sure you didn't hear anything that they said in English?"

I shook my head, looking at her intently. I really wanted to know what they said.

Skye sighed, and looked at me again, and I wondered what it was that made me think there was something weird about her.

I lay down on my bed, and grabbed the photo of my parents, and knew one thing automatically.

This school was Hell.

I placed the photo back on the bedside table, and looked over to Skye. She was looking at me with a concerned look on her face…again.

If only I knew what she was thinking. She rolled over, but not quick enough for me to not see the tear roll down her cheek.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of an alarm, so I looked at the time.


Skye was already gone, and a note was left on my table.

Sorry about yesterday. Come meet me for breakfast. How about we start all over again?


So I got dressed and headed in the direction of the smell of burnt slop.

It was easy to find Skye because she was sitting at a table by herself.

"Where are Claire and Thalia?" I asked as I sat beside her.

"They aren't my friends, and they are on some excursion."

She seemed sort of out of it, so I stayed quiet.

"Do you mind my stating of something?"

I looked at her, and nodded. I don't see why not.

"You aren't very happy are you? What with your parents gone, and being sent here to be picked on, you musn't be happy at all."

I stared at her. No one has ever said anything like that to me, asking whether I wasn't happy, so I didn't know how to deal with it.

I decided there was no point in pretending with Skye. She was my roommate after all.

"No. I am not happy. I have been living with relatives for nine years, and my Aunt decided to send me here."

I didn’t feel like elaborating, so I just kept it short and simple.

At least she didn't ask how my parents died, or whether my family relatives were nice.

"At least you have a good reason to be here, unlike some people."


She just shook her head and looked away.

We sat in silence for the rest of the time allotted for breakfast, then headed our separate ways for class.

A fair few people laughed as I walked past them, due to the amount of slashes on my face and arms, as well as the massive bruise on the side of my head.

Most of my classes were uneventful, considering that Paige wasn't any of them, nor any of her minions.

And then came English.

Today in English, we discussed Sappho and how her poems were about women, which led people to believe that Sappho herself was a Lesbian.

Paige spoke up at that point. "I guess I know who Skye gets it from now."

Several condescending snickers came fromk the back of the room, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I looked to the back of the classroom, seeing Skye with her poker face on, making it seem like none of this was hurting her, so I burst.

"You know Paige, I wonder about you. You like to mouth off to other people, but you don't like taking it yourself."

Paige's face looked a lot like a tomato at this point, and I swear I could see the steam coming out of her ears.

"I think you only pick on other people just to hide your own insecurity."

I don't think I really needed to add that part, because I do believe that that was what put Paige into a blind rage.

"How dare you say I'm insecure runt! I think I may have to add to those scars I gave you yesterday!"

I puffed up a bit, then said, "Bring it."

I guess that was something I didn't need to say either. I also wondered where all this confidence was coming from, because I sure didn't have this much confidence.

Paige stood up, and she looked like a bull, flaring nostrils and all. She ran at me, and I moved just before she grabbed me. With a roar of rage, she lunged out again, and ducked just in time, but all luck had gone at that point. When I came up from the duck, I must have turned, leaving me staring in the complete opposite direction for three seconds before Paige spear tackled me from behind, sending me hurtling towards the ground.

My head hit the floor on the same side that I hit it on the table yesterday, making my head feel like it was on fire. I kept my mouth shut though, not wanting to sound weaker than I already am, but then Paige jumped on top of me.

"I’m going make you wish you were never born runt!"

I dodged the first few punches, making Paige punch the ground really hard, but then she feinted to the left, making me go to the right as she punched my head hard. That was the last hit my bruised temple could take, and I slipped into unconsciousness.

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