School and it's Pleasures

I've been moved around for years and years, and now this?
Boarding school.
Well, I guess it is better than staying with the Devil, a.k.a, My Aunty Rae...


1. Chapter One

Look, I wanted this to happen, and there's no point in trying to take back anything that I did.

Perhaps we should back up so that you understand what I'm going on about.

It all started when I was seven. I was at school the day my parents died in a car crash on their way home from work. I didn't really understand what was going on back then, but the absence of their presence ate away at me to the point where I started crying myself to sleep. I was moved from place to place, staying with family members until they couldn't stand the crying, where they would just hand me over to the next unlucky relative. This happened until I was sixteen, where, in the end, my Aunty sent me to boarding school.

This is now.

"You ungrateful child! You don't obviously realize how lucky you've been to have lived with family since that stupid accident. If you came to me first, I would have sent you to an orphanage!"

I sat on the floor of the room I was in with my Aunty Rae pounding her fist on the locked door, ranting on about what she would have done if I were her child. I had grown out of crying myself to sleep because I saw no point in it. It may have brought relief when I was younger, but now it was a sign of weakness.

Later today I will be at Darley Boarding School. Well, I guess it will be better than living with this old hag. Oh yeah, it's an all girls school too, but it doesn't teach girls to be 'Lady-like'. From outside the school looks like any other, but on the inside, it's a prison. Aunty Rae had shown me pictures while she punished me for staring at her.


Oh, I forgot. My name is Amity Jeydon. I am really short, and I mean really short. I have choppy brown hair and blue eyes. I guess you didn't really need a description of me, but, oh well.

I get up, unlock the door, and half a second later my Aunt has me by the hair and drags me down the stairs harshly. I'm used to this sort of thing now because it's not the worst thing she's ever done to me.

"If you weren't going to this school today, I would have locked you in your room for a month and not fed you until you learnt some respect!"

I just keep my mouth shut like usual. I don't want to encourage her.

She opens the back door and shoves me into her car, then gets in herself and drives as fast as she can to the school.

"Can't wait to get rid of you. You are the worst child I have ever met. Can't believe my sister thought you were the sweetest child ever. Mothers' and their children, I'll say…"

After about twenty minutes, we finally make to the school. As soon as I step out of the car, Aunty Rae drives off, not looking back. I feel like I have to fight back tears, but nothing came, just a strange sense of joy from not having to live with the Devil ever again.

So, I walk up to the school, ready to face the prison inside, and notice a group of girls standing at the door. Not knowing why they were there, I go to walk through the door, but the biggest one stopped me. Compared to me, probably one of the shortest sixteen year olds on the Earth, this girl was obviously one of the tallest.

"What do you think you're doing, walking through our door?"

She grabs my shirt and lifts me off the ground, leaving me dangling several feet off the ground. Her friends snicker and tell their obvious leader what she should do to me. I close my eyes, waiting for whatever was going to happen to me happen. I heard more footsteps approaching the door, and wondered why nothing had happened, when someone spoke.

"Paige, put her down."

Her voice was so powerful, I shivered involuntarily, and opened my eyes, trying to see the other girl.

"Oh, Skye, are you breaking your unbroken silence at this school, or are you just showing your obvious love for this girl?"

This so-called Paige shook me as if to make sure that this Skye girl understood who she was talking about.

"None of those things, and it's obviously you who loves this girl, otherwise you wouldn't be holding her. Just…let her down and I won't tell everyone that you were hugging a girl in an affectionate way."

I saw Paige's face go completely red with anger, and she dropped me saying,"We all know that's what you do in your spare time!" to Skye, and ran off with her minions into the school.

So here I was, laying on the ground with what now felt like a twisted ankle, looking like a complete idiot.

"Here, let me help."

I looked up to see a girl kneeling beside me, a concerned look on her face. I accepted her help up, and nearly fell over again because of my ankle, but she caught me and helped me up again, and a couple of other girls helped me stay on my feet. They walked me to the nearest wall and leaned me against it, letting me catch my breath. I had started sweating because of how sore my ankle was.

I looked at the girl who was kneeling beside me earlier, and thanked her for helping me up.

"No worries. I'm Skye, by the way."

So, this was my saviour. She was short too, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. In other words, she was pretty much amazing, but there was just something…weird about her, although I couldn't pick out what it was.

"Thankyou for earlier too, I'm Amity."

She had two other girls beside her aswell, and I thanked each of them in turn for helping me.

"This is Claire,"she indicated to her left, then to her right,"And this is Thalia."

"Th like the th in think." Thalia said automatically, making me think that people mispronounce her name often.

After seeing whether I could walk on my own, we parted ways. I walked in the direction they told me the Office was, and they walked up the hallway, and into a classroom. I looked back, and saw that before Skye walked into the classroom, she looked at me with that concerned look on her face, then noticing I was looking at her, she smiled. I smiled back, and she walked into the room.

Very soon after that I found the Office. It reminded me of one of those booths that you see all covered over with plastic or glass with a hole cut out to pass things through, because that was essentially what it was.

I got handed the sheet with my classes on it, and headed off towards Homeroom. I also got my dorm key to get into my dorm and dropped my stuff off. My 'Stuff', consisted of only the necessities and a photo of my parents and me. I had no idea who was my roommate was, but I was hoping it wasn’t that Paige girl.

I was introduced in Homeroom to most of my peers, which did nothing to boost my self-esteem. I had paper thrown at me, the teacher hated me, and Paige was in my homeroom.

After the introductions, Paige came up to me, blocking the way to an empty desk. She leaned over so that she was face to face with me.

"You tell anyone about what happened earlier, and you'll be wishing that you didn't have a mouth."

I pushed past her, desperately trying to get to the desk before anything drastic happened, but ofcourse, something just had to happen. One of Paige's minions had stuck her leg out and sent me hurtling toowards the ground. I hit my head on the side of the desk I was trying to get to, which didn't do me any favours. Mrs Tatting just sat there, laughing her head off at me. Brushing myself off, I got up and sat at the desk, thinking that today was going to be a long day.

A very long day.

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