School and it's Pleasures

I've been moved around for years and years, and now this?
Boarding school.
Well, I guess it is better than staying with the Devil, a.k.a, My Aunty Rae...


4. Chapter Four

When I woke up the next morning, Skye was still lying beside me, and a feeling of warmth spread through me. I slowly got up from the bed, trying not to wake her. Her eyes fluttered, but she stayed asleep. I rubbed my eyes, and splashed some water on my face in an attempt to wake me up to reality. Did I really sleep with Skye?

I got ready for breakfast, and left Skye sleeping peacefully. She would wake in her own time.

On the way to the cafeteria, I took a detour, wanting to take as long as I could before getting there, hoping that Paige wouldn't be there ready to ruin my day. I walked past the cafeteria door, glancing throught the window to see if Paige was still there, and then the door opened. Paige walked out followed by her little group, and looks at me. No 'Hey runt, I'm going to kill you' comment coming out of her mouth. Just a look that I didn't understand. Despite several protests from her gang, Paige walks on leaving me staring after her, utterly confused and hungry. Skye comes up from behind me, scaring the life out of me. You could tell that she had just gotten up, not overly caring about what she looked like today. Her hair was a complete mess, but you could tell there was some effort involved there. She had mananged to make herself look presentable but show that she doesn't care about how she looks today.

"Hey sleepy head," I say, grasping her hand in a caring way, "Remember anything about last night?"

She rubs one of her eyes, obviously still tired, and nods.

"I'm still not sure whether I was dreaming or that actually happened. It did happen, didn't it?"

I didn't think an answer was required, so I answered her question with a question.

"Ready to face today?"

I'm not I think as Skye nods once again. We walked into the cafeteria, and I looked around. There was hardly anyone having breakfast. I shrug and walk over to our usual table and pull the chair out for Skye. After she sits, I wander off and grab breakfast for us. Today, it looked like something the dog just ate and regurgitated, but it tasted like something similar to scrambled eggs and bacon on a croissant.


I glance up from my plate to look at Skye, playing with her food, staring at me hard.

"Why what?"

"Why did you kiss me?"

"Which kiss? The one in the cafeteria, or the others?"


"Okay, um, the first was to get everybody off your back about what Paige had said, and the others were because…because I have feelings for you."

My voice had now lowered to a whisper, my head close to Skye's so that it was just her able to hear what I was saying. Her eyes widened at the last bit of information, and she smiles for the slightest of moments, but then goes straight back to neutral. She shakes her head and tells me to go back to eating my breakfast while she thinks of how to answer to that.

I gobble up the rest of my food and stare at Skye, waiting for an answer. She just sat there, playing with her food until I asked whether she was going to eat it, and she passed her plate over to me. As I started eating it, she started talking in a hushed voice, telling me about what she thought.

"I thank you for the first one, but I don't think that it was necessary. The others, I just don't know what I'm supposed to think."

I shrug, pushing the plate away from me, leaving nothing but crumbs on both plates.

"I can't say that I didn't enjoy it, because that would be a blatant lie…"

I look up from the crumbs on the plate and stare at Skye hard. She enjoyed it, perhaps a little too much by the look on her face, but hey, I wasn't there to judge.

From there, we headed to our classes. Today, I didn't share any classes with Skye, but I managed. I noticed that Paige didn't harass me in any of the classes that I shared with her. It was as though something had happened that had made her too upset to push people around. I smiled at the thought, perhaps there was a new bully in this stupid school. The day was over quickly, and I have to say I was glad that it was. I AM REALLY TIRED!

I walked into my dorm room, seeing Skye already asleep on her bed. I got ready for bed, and fell asleep too.

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