High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


1. Ugly

I'm standing at my locker putting my stuff away and these two guys walk past me and I overhear them saying how I'm so ugly. I try my best to ignore it and go to my first class. After the bell rings and everyone one is in their seats the teacher says that there is a new student and the only available seat is next to me. We don't talk but every once in a while I would catch him looking at me.

Claire- Why do you keep looking at me like that?

Justin- Your just really pretty, What's your name?

 Claire-   I'm not pretty and my names Claire

Justin Why would you think your not pretty?

Claire-Because I'm just not,are you gonna tell me your name?

He says my name is Justin

The class ends and I get up and walk to my next class. I'm sitting at lunch by myself like I normally do and Justin walks over to me.

Justin-Can I join you?

Claire- I don't know why you'd want too but go ahead

Justin sits down next to me. 

Justin- Why are you sitting all by yourself?

Claire- Because I have no friends and no one wants to sit with an ugly girl

He looks at me like I'm absolutely crazy.

Justin- Claire look at me

I don't look at him so he turns my head so I am looking at him.

Justin-Claire I'm your friend and I think your absolutely beautiful 

I try not to blush and I smile.

Claire- Thanks Jutstin

He looks and me and says Anytime sweetheart 

He smiles and kisses my cheek.

Justin- So tell me more about yourself Claire

Claire-Well I have a four year old twins named Troy and Hannah, there dad is in jail, my parents died last year, and I have no friends at all and I'm ugly

Justin- Excuse me missy what did I tell you just a second ago

I look at him and say Nothing, even though I knew exactly what he said. He looks at me and says Don't make me tickle you, I laugh and say Good thing im not ticklish!

Justin-We will see about that little missy.

He looks at me with a smirk on his face and starts to tickle me and I start laughing like crazy, I say Justin stop as I keep laughing. He says The only way I'm stopping is if you say what I told you a second ago and if you admit your ticklish!

Claire- You told me I was absolutely beautiful and I am INCREDIBLY ticklish!

A guy walks by us and coughs and says slut and coughs again and Justin glares at him.



Thanks for reading guys! Comment if you want me to make another chapter!



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