High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


25. Twins birthday



It's now 12:30 in the afternoon me and and Hannah are down stairs get ready for their Birthday in about 2 hours. Justin and Troy are gone to get last minute things for the party Hannah decided on a princess theme and Troy wanted a superhero one so we got both a small cake and split the room in half . Me and Hannah are putting up decorations when we hear a car door shut . Hannah runs outside and hugs Justin . I walk outside and go to Troy and give him a hug 


Claire- I know it is buddy! I can't believe your four today! 

Hannah looks in the back of Justin's car and sees a pinata and grins. I put the kids down for a nap before the party. I sit at a stool at the kitchen counter and Justin is finishing setting up. His dad and his brother and sister should be here soon. Justin finishes setting everything up and sits on one of the stools. He pats his lap telling me to come sit on it so I do. 

Claire- Im fricking exhausted already and the party hasn't even started yet! 

Justin- Relax baby, what else do you have to do?

Claire- You wrapped all their presents right baby? What time does the moon bounce come?

Justin- Yep I did that this morning and two fifteen

Claire-I think that we're good then till I think of something else

Justin puckers his lips and just as I'm about to kiss him there's a knock at the garage door. I get up to go answer it and I see Pattie and Jeremy i give them a hug and Justin does the same but gives his dad a bro hug thing . I see the kids run  up to me and Justin I pick up Jaxon and give him a hug and Justin does the same to Jazmyn . 

Claire- Hannah and Troy are asleep so try to be quite alright.

We all go outside and I go over to the swing and sit down and Pattie sits on the one next to me while Jeremy and Justin go set up the moon bounce. I have Jazmyn in my lap and Jaxon is on Patties . we talk and play with the kids its 2:45 so i get Hannah and Troy up and ready  as soon as we walk outside they run over to the moonbounce were i see Justin laying down in the middle almost asleep . I get in and stand next to him and jump really hard so it wakes him up but when i did he grabbed my foot and made me fall on him.

Claire- What the freak Justin.

Justin-I didn't do nothing 

Claire- okay what ever 

he leans in and so do i hopefully this time we wont be interrupted.

Pattie- People are here . 

Justin- interrupted again

We get up and walk to the front and see a bunch of  family and friends and kids time to get this party started. 

I look at Justin and ask him if I look okay and he says no you look horrible Claire! I hit his arm and he says I'm kidding baby girl you look beautiful there's no need to even ask that question baby because you always look beautiful! 

Troy- Momma there's alot of people here I'm scared 

Justin- Its ok buddy they are all here to celebrate you and your sisters birthday! 

Justin picks him up and he buries his head in his shoulder

Justin- Wanna go jump on the moonbounce buddy?

Troy-Noooo I'm scared I don't wanna go!

Justin- Want me to come with you?

He nods as his head is still buried in his shoulder and Justin whispers in his ear give your mommy a kiss first and he gives me a kiss and they walk over to the moonbounce. Justin keeps holding onto Troy as he jumps in the moonbounce and Troy is smiling and laughing. After a while Troy is jumping by himself.

Hannah- Momma can we open presents yet.

Claire- Not till after cake.

She walks away and and i start to walk around to talk to some family and friends then i see Justin walking to me . 

Justin-I think they want cake Hannah wants her presents and Troy wants the cake so what do you think.

i smile and we walk to the kitchen and we walk to the table to get the cakes and we light the candles and walk outside singing and surprising Justin can sing really good. i see Troy run to the table and i see Hannah walk with some friends . once she gets here  they blow out the candles and we serve the cake. Hannah eats her in less then 5 minutes and same with Troy .

Hannah- can we have presents yet.

Troy- yea can we.

I smile and see everyone else is done eating so i agree and walk to get the presents with Justin. I walk turn around and i see Justin left. I walk outside only to get a face full of cake i wipe it from my eyes only to see Justin laughing along with everyone else . i see cake on his hands so it has to be him.

Claire- Okay Justin can i have that kiss now.

 Justin- no thanks babe.

i hug him and out my face on his chest and get cake in my hands and get him in the face then kiss him. we stop goofing off and hand the presents to Hannah and Troy . they got some clothes and toy Hannah got some princess stuff and Troy got some super heroes things to .Then it was time for our present for the kids.Justin comes around the corner with toy jeeps and clothes and toys. I see them run to me and Justin and hug us they get into the jeeps and drive away. they play with those while we chill and talk and clean up . i can't believe my babys are 4 and the party is almost over  .






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