High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


24. Time out

The next morning I wake up around 8 15 and Troy is sitting on Justin's lap as they watch Little Einsteins. Justin notices that I'm awake and say good morning sleepy head! I say good morning as I yawn and Troy says good morning mommy with this big grin on his face and he crawls over to me and lays on my belly so that I can rub his back like I do every morning when he first wakes up. After a few minutes of me doing this he goes into his room to play. 

Justin- I never got my good morning kiss 

He puts and I laugh and give him a kiss, after he keeps his arms wrapped around my neck and says Claire I swear you get more beautiful every day and I shake my head and say no I don't and Justin says yes you do and pokes my nose then I say no I don't and poke his nose and then he says yes you do and pokes my nose again and says and if you say no I don't again I'll tackle you and I say really really quietly no I don't. 

Justin- That's it! Your gonna get it missy!!

He climbs on top of me and he tries to grab a hold of my hands but I move them away quickly as I laugh and he keeps trying and I keep moving them but eventually he grabs a hold of them and puts them behind my back and tickles me and says now say that your beautiful and I say nope and he says then I'll just keep tickling you and he keeps tickling me as I keep laughing and he says you ready to say it yet and I say I'm beautiful and he pinches my cheeks and says you got that right baby your beautiful and I pinch his cheeks and I say I say I love you Justy and he pinches mine again and says I love you more and I say nope I love you more and he says do I really have to tackle you again and I start laughing and say no no no no you love me more! 

Claire-Can you get the heck off of me please so I can go shower?!

Justin- THATS what smells?! I thought something died in here!

I playfully hit his arm and he rubs it and says oww and I say baby and walk to my dresser to get my clothes and before I even get there justin picks me up and spins me around as I laugh and he sits on the bed sets me on his lap.

Justin-Your in time out missy because your being a bad girl today!

Claire- If I love sitting on your lap then how is it time out??

Justin- You hate being tickled so if I was tickling you it would be a time out!

Claire- Please don't Justin!

Justin- Nope you've been a bad girl so your in time out! 

He tickles me for a good minute while I squirm and laugh hysterically and eventually he stops and lets me shower.

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