High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


22. Tickle Monster

When the movie was over Justin woke me up

Justin- Lets go to bed baby girl

He helps me get up and holds my hand as we walk upstairs to our room. I lay on the bed and 

he takes his shirt and pants off and I just grin. He lays on the bed and I look at him again as 

I grin and he says what you looking at and he tickles me and I laugh. 

Claire- Do you know how amazing you are Justin?

Justin- Do you know how amazing you are Claire?

Claire- I'm not amazing baby your the one that's amazing!

Justin- Well I think your amazing baby

He kisses me and after we kiss I look into his eyes and say I love you and he says I love you 

more. He pulls me onto his lap and plays with my hair as I sit on his lap. 

I end up falling asleep on his lap

The next morning I wake up and Justin is laying next to me playing on his phone

Justin- Good morning beautiful 

Claire- Hi baby

He moves closer to me and says how's my princess today and I say good I guess, he kisses 

me and then says are you better now and I giggle and say now I'm absolutely perfect! 

Justin- Your right baby you are perfect 

As he says that he is rubbing his finger against my cheek and I smile 

Justin- Theres that beautiful smile that I love!

He gets up and goes to the bathroom and I decide to hide from him so I pull the blankets 

over my head. He comes back in and say hmmmmmm I wonder where Claire is, he lays on 

the bed and pulls the covers over his head also and says hi baby and I say hi wierdo. When I 

say  hi wierdo he gets on top of me and starts tickling me like crazy and I start cracking up 

and Hannah walks in and says I wanna be tickled and Justin says just a second Hannah 

let me finish tickling mommy first and he tickles me more then gives me a kiss and I keep 

laughing. He runs over to Hannah and picks her up as she smiles and says now what was 

that you just said a minute ago little girl and Hannah says tickle me and Justin puts her on 

the bed and keeps pretending like he's about to tickle her but he doesn't yet and everytime 

he almost touches her she laughs. 


Hannah laughs and squirms as Justin keeps tickling her and he stops and says phew tickle 

monsters hands are tired now! Tickle monster needs a break!

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