High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


8. Tickle me

We get home and I put Troy  in his room to take a nap and Hannah watches a movie in my room. I go downstairs and Justin is sitting on the counter and he looks at me grinning and motions me to come over to him. I do and he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses me and its the most intense we have ever kissed. We stop kissing and I sit next to him on the counter. He looks at me and grins then jumps down from the counter and stands right in front of me. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

Justin- Baby have I ever told you how beautiful you are?

Claire- Nope you've never told me that

Justin- Well your beautiful baby girl 

Claire- No I'm not Justin

Justin-Except you are 

I get down and walk into the family room as I start to cry a little bit, I lay on the couch and bury my head in a pillow. 

Justin- Claire come here

I don't move from the couch as I lay there crying my eyes out,Justin comes in and says baby sit up and I sit up and cover my face with my hands. 

Justin- Baby what's the matter?

Claire- At school today I overheard people talking and saying how I'm the ugliest girl in the world and how every time people see me they wanna start singing if your ugly and you know it clap your hands  

After I say that I cover my face with my hands again and Justin moves them 

Justin-Claire why would you even believe that shit?

Claire- Justin I get this kind of shit so much that its hard not to believe it!!

Justin looks at me and wipes my tears 

Justin-Claire one of these days your gonna realize how beautiful you are 

I shake my head as I keep crying, Justin takes my hand and holds it and I just keep crying and he moves closer to me and starts rubbing my back trying to get me to calm down

Justin-Breathe baby

He wipes my eyes with the hand that isn't rubbing my back and I start to calm down a little but am still crying a little.

Justin-Know what the thing I hate more then absolutely anything in the whole world is??


Justin-Seeing you cry, I hate it so fricking much baby! 

I look at him as I keep crying a bit and he pulls me onto his lap and  and takes my hands and he sings the song Just the way you are to me

Justin-When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change, because your amazing just the way you are

Hannah comes in wearing her princess dress and her princess shoes and her tiara and when she first comes in I don't see her. Justin whispers in Hannah's ear give mommy a big hug and I look at her and she says hi momma and she gives me a hug and I stand up and pick her up

Claire- Hi princess Hannah 

Hannah- Mommy why you crying?

Justin- Mommy had a bad day Hannah

Claire-I'm ok now though once I saw my princess I was all better 

I put her down and sit back on the couch and Justin gives me a hug 

Hannah- Hey! Where's my hug?!

I laugh and Justin scoops her up and hugs her then sits back on the couch with Hannah on his lap

Hannah-I wanna be thrown up in the air Justin!

Justin- What does thrown up in the air mean?! I've never even heard of that! Claire do you know what it mean??

I shake my head saying I don't and Hannah giggles 

Hannah- You do it all the time!

Justin stands up as he holds her 

Justin- I have no clue what this is but I guess I'll try!

He gives her a raspberry and her stomach and she starts cracking up and he's about to do it again and she cracks up before he does anything and he says why you laughing I didn't do anything yet and she just keeps laughing, he throws her in the air and laughs even more!

Justin- Now it's your turn to throw me in the air!

Hannah- No!

She laughs more 

Justin- What was that little girl??

Hannah- You said now I had to throw you in the air and I said no!

Justin- Then I'll have to tickle you!!

He sets her on the ground  and starts moving his hands towards her belly

Justin- Here...Comes...The...Tickle...Monster!!

I laugh and Hannah squirms as she laughs

Justin-Girl I haven't even touched you yet and your laughing

He puts his hands on her belly and says here's the tickle monster and he keeps tickling her and tickling her and she laughs nonstop and Justin says ok I'm done, then a few seconds   later starts tickling her again even more then before. Troy comes down and Hannah says TROY save me from the tickle monster! He doesn't and comes and sits in my lap and yawns and Justin sees him and in an evil voice says I think I see another victim for the tickle monster and I say get him bieber and Hannah stays on the floor laughing. Justin picks up Troy and puts him on the floor next to Hannah and he tickles them both at the same time  and gives them raspberries.

Justin- I think it's tickle mommy time! 

The three of them come over and tickle me and I laugh and after a minute they finally stop Troy walks up to Justin and lifts up his shirt and says tickle! He does for a minute then  gives him a raspberry and Hannah does the same exact thing and Justin tickles her for a  minute and gives her a raspberry too.

Claire- I don't think my kids are ticklish at all baby, what do you think?

Justin says I don't think so either princess and he laughs

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