High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


6. Secrets

I turn out the light and realize Justin's gone and I whisper Justin but he doesn't answer so I go downstairs and he comes out of

nowhere and yells BOO!  I scream and say don't scare me like that loser and I playfully punch his arm 

Justin- Oh your in big trouble now 

He picks me up and throws me over his his shoulder and I start cracking up like crazy 

Claire- Justin put me down I gotta pee!

He puts me down and I laugh again

Claire- I don't have to pee anymore now that's wierd!!

Justin- You little shit 

I laugh and he says lets go have more fun and I say we gotta stay inside though since my aunt isn't home

He takes my hand and walks me over to the couch 

Claire- What time is it?

Justin- It's only 7:45 babe, why you trying to get me to leave, cas if that's the case I will

He stands up and starts walking towards the door

Claire- No Justin I want you to stay

Justin- I know babe I was just giving you a hard time, I'm staying

He sits on the couch 

Claire- You took my seat you big butthead!

Justin- What was that?!

He pulls me on his lap and starts tickling me 

Justin- What was you just said missy??

Claire- What I didn't say a word, you must be hearing things, you should really go get your ears checked 

Justin laughs and keeps tickling and I laugh like crazy eventually falling onto the ground and I keep laughing 

Justin- Wanna tell me what you said yet?

Claire- I said your wierd 

I laugh and stay laying on the ground 

Justin- I'm gonna get you!

He gets off the couch and gets on top of me, he grabs my arms so I can't move and tickles me more then he was before and I laugh hysterically

He eventually stops and stays in that position looking into my eyes

Claire- Justin?

Justin- Yes beautiful?

Claire- Hiii

Justin- Hi Sweetie 

Justin gets up and puts his hand out and helps me up

I wrap my arms around his neck and press my forehead to his 

Justin- When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change, because your amazing, just the way you are, and when you

smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, cas girl your amazing, just the way you are 

I grin and he gives me a kiss 

Justin- I'll be right back I gotta go to the bathroom

I lay on the couch and put a blanket  over me 

Justin comes back and looks at me as I lay there 

Justin- Scoot your butt over,I wanna snuggle

I move over and he lays next to me 

He brushes his finger against my cheek a few times 

Justin- Why the hell are you so god damn beautiful Claire Bear?!

Claire- I'm not Justin

Justin- Claire, Claire, Claire, how many times do I have to tell you your beautiful?

Claire- I don't know 

Justin looks at me as I frown 

Justin- What's wrong??

Claire- Nothing's wrong 

Justin- Babe, look at me 

I look at him and he holds my chin 

Justin- Claire tell me what's wrong

Claire- We just met last week Justin and we already kissed, I'm not saying I didn't like it. I just think we're going too fast, I mean I like you ALOT but I don't want my heart broken again.

I look down after I say that to him 

Justin-Claire, look  at me please

He lifts my chin up and holds my hands

Justin- I'm sorry if I'm going too fast, and I would never even think about breaking your heart

I look down again 

Claire- I just need to know that your not gonna just be done with me and decide to move onto another girl, because every time I

bring a guy over Hannah and Troy start getting   attached to him and then he just dissapears and they're left without a father

figure in life,  all  I'm asking is that you don't do that

At this point I'm crying and still looking down, Justin lifts my chin up again and looks at me 

Justin- Claire, I'm not like all the other guys, I haven't had hundreds of girlfriends, I wouldn't move onto another girl because you

know what? No girl is even close to as good as you and none of them are even close. I'm not going anywhere Claire believe me,

your not getting  of me anytime soon princess, even if you wanted to you wouldn't be able to! You make  me the happiest guy in

the world Claire, and I'd do absolutely fucking anything for you to  feel the same way. I want you to be happy and I hate seeing

the way people treat you at school.

Claire- Can I tell you a secret Justin? 

Justin- Sure what is it baby?

I motion for him to come closer so I can whisper it in his ear 

Claire- I love you Justin 

Justin- Well I have a secret to tell you Claire Bear!

He motions for me to come closer so he can whisper in my ear

Justin- I love you too Claire 

I smile and he keeps holding onto my hands

Justin- I wish I could see that pretty smile more!

I smile and Justin presses his forehead to mine and he is still holding both of my hands 

Justin- Claire, will you please be my girlfriend?

I nod my head yes as I grin

Justin- What cat got your tongue?

I laugh and nod my head and I kiss him

Justin- So what is the answer to my question?

Claire- The answer is...

I leave him hanging for a second pretending I don't know what the answer is even though I





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