High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


23. Push Ups

Hannah goes to the playroom to watch T.V and me and Justin are laying in bed together. 
Justin- Your so beautiful Claire Bear 
Claire-I'm not beautiful Justin
Justin-Shut up Claire you are absolutely beautiful!
I frown and turn my face the other way and Justin tells me to look at him and I say no you told me to shut up!
Justin-Princess I was joking
I turn the other way again and say well baby please don't tell me to shut up
Justin-I'm sorry sweetheart
He runs his thumb up and down my cheek as he holds one of my hands and our fingers are interlocked
Justin-You better smile before I tickle you missy! 
I stay there frowning and Justin stands up and throws me over his shoulder and plops me onto the ground and I laugh and he tickles me like crazy till I tell him to stop. He put his elbows on the floor and hovers over me still wearing absolutely nothing but his boxers. 
Claire-I dare you to do fifty push-ups.
Justin- Only if I get a kiss after every one
Claire-Why do you need a kiss after every one?
Justin- Because that will motivate me to keep going!
Justin-God damn you are soooo beautiful!
I laugh and he starts doing push-ups over me and after every one he kisses me
After he does the fifty push ups we sit back on the bed and I sit in between his legs and I'm looking into his eyes and he's running his hand through my hair. After a few minutes I realize you can see down my tank top a little bit and he keeps looking down it and I laugh and say you like that baby 
Justin-Do I like what?? What are you talking?
Claire-Don't act like you weren't just looking down my shirt every ten seconds! 
Justin- Your boobs are just so perfect baby!
Claire- Well now that you think my boobs are perfect my life is complete and I can finally die happy! 
Justin- I see someone's belly! 
Claire-I see someone's belly too! 
He gives me a raspberry and I laugh, then he grabs my face with both his hands and stares into my eyes and says I love you so much Claire Bear and he presses his lips to mine for a minute and after we finally stop kissing I say I love you too Justin!

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