High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


20. Pool

Justin goes inside to the bathroom and I go on the swings, he walks back out in nothing but 

his boxers and runs and does a cannonball into the pool and I start cracking up


I go inside and get my bathing suit on and sit on the edge of the pool with just my feet in, Justin swims over to me and stands in between my legs and wraps his arms around my neck and just grins 

Justin- Oh my god your killing me here Claire Bear! You look SOOO damn sexy in that bathing suit!

Claire Well then maybe I should go get some clothes on cas I'd rather not have you die on me!

I start goingback inside and Justin says get back here and I shake my head no and he climbs  out of the pool and picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. He puts me back down and I sit on the edge of the pool like before and he jumps in and gets me wet

Claire- Oh thanks for that!

He stands in between my legs again and wraps his arms around my waist

Claire- HOLY CRAP! Babe your hands are freezing!

Justin- Im sorry baby! Warm them up!

He winks at me and I start cracking up and say go ahead and he puts his hands inside 

the top of my bathing suit so that they're on my boobs and after a minute he takes them out

Justin- Your so beautiful Claire

I blush and look down and he lifts my chin up 

Justin- Baby why don't you think your beautiful?

I look down again as small tears start to form in my eyes 

Justin-Babe look at me

I look at him as he lifts my chin up again and he presses his nose to mine 

Justin-Claire Jacobsen you are the most beautiful girl in the world and never ever let 

anyone tell you otherwise! Baby your the only girl I wanna be with and I wanna spend the 

rest of my life with you baby girl!

Claire- I wanna spend the rest of my life with you too Justin

I cry as I say this and Justin wipes my tears 

Justin-I'm trying to save up to buy you a ring baby that's why I'm gonna start working 

Bstarting  tommorow.

Claire- I don't understand why you wanna be with me, I mean im impossible to deal with plus

I have two crazy kids!

Justin- I wanna be with you because your amazing baby girl! No one has ever made 

me smile more then you and the kids baby! Now get in here with me before I tickle you!

Claire- Theres no WAY im getting in there it's freezing!

Justin- Dont make me!

I laugh and as he's about to start tickling me I jump up and run over to the grass as I keep 

running  as fast as I can as Justin's chasing me


Justin- Oh your gonna get it!

He catches up to me and picks me up holding me bridal style and once we get to the pool he 

swings me three times then throws me in and I scream. He jumps in after me

Claire- I hate you 

Justin- Well that's not very nice cas I love you!

He pins up against the wall of the pool and holds my face with both his hands and I have my 

arms around his neck and we make out

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