High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


29. Packing


She runs upstairs and takes out her suitcase and throws random clothes in it and I laugh.


Claire-It's ok baby mommy will pack for you! You just need to pack things you want to do on the airplane and put them in your backpack.

I pack the rest of the day and around six I lay on my bed and watch tv and Justin comes in. He sit on the edge bed.

Justin- Come here sweetie pie

I scoot over to him and sit on his lap. He gives me a kiss

Claire- Where are the kids baby?

Justin-They're downstairs watching the lion king one and a half with Ryan

I yawn and rest my head on Justin's shoulder.

Justin-Are you tired baby?

I nod and yawn again

Justin-Go to sleep if your tired baby girl

Claire- I can't baby I still have to feed the kids dinner and give them baths

Justin- Baby me and Ryan can take care of that

Claire- Are you sure baby?

Justin- I'm positive princess

Claire- Ok I'm gonna go say goodnight to the kids

I try to get up off of Justin's lap but he wraps his arms around me so I can't get up.

Justin- Just stay here for a minute beautiful

I laugh and he looks at me and presses his nose to mine and looks into my eyes and I look back into his. After a minute we get up and go downstairs.

Claire-Guys mommy is gonna go to bed so come say good night to me!

Troy jumps up and runs over to me and I pick him up and hold him

Troy-Good night mommy!

Claire-Good night buddy I love you

I give him a kiss and put him down and pick up Hannah and say goodnight to her. I go into the kitchen to get a water bottle and Justin follows me and I start to go upstairs.

Justin-Excuse me missy!

I laugh and go over to him and wrap my arms around his waist as I smile. He wraps his arms around my neck as he smiles back.

Justin- Your so beautiful I can't even stand it!

I smirk and give him a kiss as I keep my arms around his waist and he holds my cheek as we kiss for a minute. We stop for a second and our foreheads are touching and he brushes my hair behind my ear and we kiss again and as we kiss he grabs my butt which makes me stop kissing him and I start cracking up. I say goodnight to him and start to go upstairs but he stops me and grabs my face again and we make out more.

Justin-I love you sweetie

Claire-I love you too baby

I stand on my tiptoes and give him one last kiss before heading up to bed.

Claire-Goodnight baby

Justin-Goodnight beautiful

I go upstairs and get into bed.

Justin's P.O.V.

I walk into the family room where the kids and Ryan are watching the lion king one and a half. I sit next to Ryan and Hannah and Troy are both sitting on his lap and Troy climbs onto mine.

Justin- Who wants mac and cheese for dinner?!

Troy and Hannah- Me!!

I get up to go make it and Troy follows me.

Justin-Troy stay in here and finish the movie while I go make dinner

Troy- I wanna come with you

I pick him up and carry him into the kitchen with me and I set him on the counter

Justin-Can I have a kiss buddy?

He gives me a kiss and I start the mac and cheese and Troy plays on my phone as I make it

Troy- Justin am I gonna meet buzz lightyear in disney world?

Justin- Yeah you are buddy! And your gonna meet woody and Jake from Jake and The Neverland Pirates and Mickey and lots of other people too!

Troy-Is Hannah gonna meet all the princesses?

Justin- Yeah she is buddy! Go tell Hannah that dinners ready

He runs into the family room and runs back in and a few seconds later Hannah comes in on Ryan's back. I give them both their mac and cheese and tell them that after they eat they're gonna get a bath.

Hannah-I don't wanna take a bath tho!

Ryan- But Hannah if you don't take a bath then you won't smell good on the airplane tomorrow and I'm gonna have to sit next to you and I don't want you to smell bad cas then I'm gonna have to plug my nose the whole time!!!

Hannah laughs and Ryan goes over to her and picks her up.

Ryan-Are you laughing at me little girl?


Ryan-I'm just gonna have to tickle you then!

Hannah laughs as Ryan tickles her and then he sits her on his lap and she finishes her mac and cheese. She gives him a bite. Troy finishes eating and hands his bowl to Justin so he can put it in the dishwasher.

Justin-Good boy Troy!

Someone knocks on the garage door and I say come in and my mom walks in.

Justin-Hi momma

Pattie-Hi honey

I give her a hug and Troy sees her and runs over to her and Pattie picks him up.

Pattie-Hi Troy!

Troy-Hi Miss Pattie!

Troy-Miss Pattie I'm going to meet Buzz tomorrow!!

Pattie-I know buddy I'm coming too!

Troy gets down and finishes his mac and cheese and Hannah runs over to my mom and my mom picks her up.

Hannah-Miss Pattie are you coming with us on the airplane?

Pattie- I am sweetie and I'm even sleeping here tonight!

Claire comes downstairs

Justin- What are you doing baby?

Claire- I couldn't fall asleep so I'm just gonna stay up

Claire goes over to my mom and gives her a hug then goes to Troy and takes a bite of his mac and cheese. She walk over to me and stands behind me and rests her head on my shoulder.

Claire-Hannah eat

Hannah- I'm not hungry tho momma!

Claire-Hannah you have to eat

Ryan takes the spoon and feeds her it and Hannah laughs.

Ryan-After you finish eating your gonna get tickled like crazy little girl cas you keep laughing at me!

Hannah laughs


Claire keeps her head on my shoulder and I look at her

Justin-You ok baby girl?

Claire- I'm good I just have a headache

Justin- When was the last time you ate baby?

Claire- At lunch

Justin -You have to eat something baby, want me to get you some mac and cheese?

She nods and I get a bowl and put some mac and cheese in it for her. She says thank you and eats it.

Hannah- Momma have you ever been to Disney World?

Claire- Yes baby I went a few times when I was young!

Everyone finishes eating and we go upstairs to give the kids a bath.

Claire- Baby you already packed right?

Justin- Yep

Claire- Can you entertain Hannah while I give Troy a bath then entertain Troy while I give Hannah one?

Justin- Of course baby come here first though

She comes over to me and looks up at me as she smiles and I kiss her.

Justin-I love you beautiful

Claire's P.O.V

I give Troy a bath and then Hannah comes in and as she is getting in tub she whacks her head on the tub cas it was wet from Troy and she screams and cries.

Claire- Oh Hannah

I pick her up and hold her as she cries. Justin comes in and ask what happened.

Claire- She whacked her head on the tub

Justin- Lets see it

I give Hannah to him and I look and her head and there's already a bump. I go downstairs and get her some ice. I hold it on her head.

Hannah- MOMMY NO

Claire- Just for a minute honey

After I keep the ice on her head for a minute she gets in the tub.

Troy comes into the bathroom.

Troy-Mommy is Hannah ok?

Claire-Yeah baby she's ok she just hit her head.

Claire- Troy who helped you get your pajamas on buddy?

Troy- I did it myself Mommy!!!!

Claire- Good job buddy!

Troy- Momma will you come read to me please?

Claire- Once I give Hannah her bath I will buddy!

Justin- I'll give her her bath baby

I pick up Troy and sit him on the counter so I can help him brush his teeth like I do every night. I then carry him into his room and read to him and he goes to sleep. Once Hannah is done with her bath Justin reads to her and she goes to bed. I go into me and Justin's room and he's sitting in the desk chair and motions for me to come and I ignore it and flop onto the bed and Justin pretends to pout and gives me the puppy dog eyes and I laugh and shake my head no. He jumps up and runs to the bed and jumps ontop of me and I groan. He gets off of me and sits on the bed next to me and pats his lap and I shake my head no again as I laugh.

Justin- Girl your just asking for me to tickle you now!

He pats his lap again and I crawl into his lap and he smiles.

Justin- Baby girl our anniversary is while we are in disney and we are going out alone on the night of our anniversary.

Claire-Ok baby

Justin- Your tired aren't you baby?

I nod

Claire- Baby I'm really nervous for the plane ride tomorrow

Justin-Why honey?

Claire- Because Hannah and Troy haven't been on a plane before plus it's five hours and I'm gonna be sitting next to both of them which is gonna be hard.

Justin-Baby you have absolutely nothing to worry about and if anything happens I'll be there and so will my mom and Ryan. Plus you don't have to sit next to both of them. Me and Ryan will take Troy and you and my mom will take Hannah and we can switch halfway through.

Claire- Ok baby. The kids are so excited!

Justin-I'm excited too baby! I can't wait to see Hannah's face when she meets all the princesses and Troys when he meets woody and buzz!

Claire-How many days are we there for baby?

Justin-We are in Florida for eight days and we are in disney for six and legoland for one and sea world for one day.

Claire-Baby you spent a lot of money on this trip didn't you?

Justin-It doesn't matter baby girl.

He presses his nose to mine and rubs his finger up and down my cheek as I keep sitting on his lap.

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