High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


17. New House and Surprises

We pull up to the house that Justin and his mom live in

Hannah- Momma where are we?

Claire- This is your new house guys!

Hannah- WOAH

I laugh when she says that and I look at Troy and he has a huge grin on his face

Justin- Do you guys like it?!

Hannah and Troy-YEAH!

Justin gets the kids out of the car

Justin- I have a surprise for you guys come with me!

They go with him and I follow close behind and they get into the backyard and there's a  swing set and a pool!


I laugh at her and they both run over to the swingset and start playing on it 

Claire- Baby I didn't know you had a swingset!

Justin- I didn't baby, I just bought it the other day so that the kids would have something to 

play on

Claire- Babe you didn't have to do that

Justin hugs me from behind and I grin as he does

Justin- But I wanted to baby girl

He kisses my cheek as he keeps hugging me from behind then he moves to the front of me 

and says gimme kiss and I smirk and shake my head no and he says please baby and I lean 

in and just as I'm about to give him one I run towards the swingset.

Justin- Get back here Claire Bear!

I don't listen to him and push Hannah and Troy on the swings and he comes up behind me 

and throws me over his shoulder

Pattie comes outside and the second Hannah and Troy see her they both run over and give

her a hug

Pattie- Justin what in the world are you doing to Claire?!

He puts me down and I stick my tongue out at him and go and pick up Troy

Justin- Mom she's torturing me! She was about to give me a kiss when she runs towards 

the swingset!

Claire- It was SOOO funny!

Pattie laughs and goes inside to make lunch

Justin- I have another surprise for you guys Hannah and Troy!

He takes their hands and walks them to the garage and in the garage their are two toy  jeeps that you sit in and drive around, a blue one and a pink one.

Troy- WOAH!!

Hannah-Are these ours mommy?!

Justin- Yeah I bought them for you guys!

Hannah and Troy both say thank you and he helps them into their jeepsand they start 

driving them around

Claire- So apparently your their mommy now?!

Justin-Oh shush!

He takes my face holding one of my cheeks

Justin- Your so beautiful Claire, I really wish you knew that

I look at the ground as I blush 

Justin- Hey look at me
He puts his hand on my chin and lifts it up and puts his hands on my cheeks so I look like a 


Justin- I love you my chipmunk 

Claire- I'm pretty sure I'm not a chipmunk baby

Justin- Oh really,cas I thought you were!

I stick my tongue out at him 

Justin- Oh yeah I almost forgot! I have something for you princess 

He takes out a box from his pocket and I open it and its a heart necklace with tons of 

diamonds on it 

Claire- It's beautiful baby! I love it!

Justin- Let me help you put it on baby

He helps me put it on and we are just about to kiss when Hannah runs over 

Hannah- MOMMY MOMMY!!! 


Justin laughs when I say that 

Hannah- Mommy Troy keeps hitting my jeep  with his! 

Claire- Troy if you hit her Jeep one more time your going straight to time out!

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