High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


9. My savior

The next morning I get to sleep in cas aunt holly offered to get up with the kids so that I  could sleep in. At around 9:15 the sound of my door opening wakes me up and I see Justin walk in. 

Claire- Hi baby

I yawn and Justin sits on the edge of my bed 

Justin-Hey sleepy head

Claire- Baby come snuggle with me

He gets under the covers with me and I move closer to him

Claire- I honestly don't think that I've slept this late since the twins were born baby

Justin- You deserve to sleep late sometimes baby 

He wraps his arms around my waist 

Claire-Can you tell you something baby?

Justin- Baby you can tell me anything 

Claire- I've never met someone in my whole life besides hannah and troy that means more to me then you do, you make me the happiest girl in the whole world and your literally my best friend. If I had never met you I don't know what I would have done. You make me forget about all the bad things that have happened in my life, you make me forget about the twins dad, you make me forget about my parents dying, but most of all you make me forget about being made fun of my whole life. You are my savior Justin Drew Bieber.

The whole time I am saying that Justin is brushing my cheek with his thumb

Justin- You mean so much to me baby girl, you've completely changed me because before I met you I used to drink  and always get in trouble and once I met you I stopped.

I kiss him and he holds my face as we kiss

I go into the bathroom to change and put on short short and a tank top and flips flops, I go back into my room and Justin stares at me as he grins

Justin- DAMN girl you sexy!! 

I laugh and start putting my makeup on

Justin- Baby what in the world are you doing??

Claire- I'm putting my makeup on Justin

He walks over to me and wraps his arms around my waist as I keep putting  my makeup on 

Justin- Princess, you don't need makeup your beautiful the way you are! 

He takes the eyeliner out of my hands and I take the makeup off. Justin sits in my computer chair and says come here baby girl. I go over to him and he gives me a hug then lifts me up onto his lap. I put my legs over the arm of the chair and Justin kisses me and I say baby you've got to be the best kisser ever!! He says no I'm not baby you are, and I say whatever. He says dont you whatever me miss sassy pants and I laugh and say whatever mr sassy pants and he says say whatever to me again and just see what happens and I laugh and whisper into his ear whatever.

Justin-Your gonna get it missy! Here's comes the tickle monster! 

Claire- I'm not scared of no tickle monster!

He laughs and tickles me and I scream and run into the hallway but he catches me and pins me onto the ground as he keeps tickling me.

Justin-WOAH! Wait a sec, since when do you have a belly ring?!

Claire- I've had it for two years 

Justin- And the fact that you never even told me just makes me have to tickle you even more!

He keeps tickling me and he says if you gimme a kissy I'll stop! I give him a kiss and he stops

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