High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


5. My Best Friend


 Justin- Did you like that?

Claire-No I absolutely hated it and you need to leave!

He looks at me all sad like he is about to cry

Claire- Justin come back!

I grab his arm and stop him from leaving 

Claire-I was kidding Justy! 

Justin-I'll get you back for that one I'd watch it if I were you

Claire-Oh really? What you gonna do?

Justin- You'll see

Claire-I'm fucking freezing holy shit

Justin unzips his sweatshirt a little 

Claire- Justin you don't have to do that

Justin- But I want to, I don't want you to be cold

Claire- But then you'll be cold 

Justin- I never get cold

Justin hands me his sweatshirt and I put it on

We sit down in the grass again and Justin pats his lap telling me to sit on his lap and I shake my head no and he stands up

Justin- Give me a hug

I give him a hug and as we finish he pulls me onto his lap and I start laughing 

I look at him and ask myself why he has to be so god damn cute and eventually I realize I'm  staring at him 

Justin-You warm now?

Claire- Yeah I'm good now 

Text from Aunt Holly- 

You are being summoned upstairs by your son 

I laugh and Justin sees it and says I wanna come

Text to Aunt Holly- 

I'll be right there

I get up and look behind me and realize Justin's staring at something 

Claire-You were just looking at my ass weren't you?

Justin- Maybe 

He laughs and grins and I start walking inside and he walks next to me

We get inside and my Aunt Holly has Troy sitting on the counter and the absolute second he sees Justin there and immediately smiles and waves to him 

Troy- Hi Justin Drew Bieber

Justin walks right over to him and I stand over to the side

Justin- Hi Troy, what happened?

Troy- I got a boo-boo

He points to it and asks me to kiss it and I do

Claire- Aunt Holly this is my friend Justin

Justin- It's very nice to meet you ma'am 

Justin shakes her hand 

Aunt Holly- It's nice to meet you too Justin
Troy yawns  

Claire- I think it's  time for someone to get his little butt back in bed

Aunt Holly-I'll take him

Claire-It's ok I'll do it 

I pick Troy up off the counter and he holds onto me

Claire- Troy say good night to Aunty Holly 

Troy- Good night Aunty Holly 

He gives her a kiss and says I love you 

Claire- Say good night to Justin and give him a hug

Troy- Mommy I want him to come help tuck me in

Aunt Holly- Claire I'm gonna go out for a bit 

Claire- Ok I'll see you in a bit

I start walking towards the stairs holding Troy 

Troy- Mommy no

Claire- What is it buddy??

Troy- Down

I put him down and watch to see what he does and he goes up to Justin and stands by his feet and looks up at him 

Justin- What is it bud?

Troy reaches his arms up saying he wants to be picked up 

Claire- Troy use your words like a big boy 

Troy- Pick me up

Justin picks him up and Troy holds onto him and I smile 

Justin- Troy, isn't your mommy pretty? 

Troy- My mommy isn't pretty she's beautiful 

Justin- She is isn't she?

Troy nods 

Troy- Justin? 

Justin- What is it buddy?

Troy- Your my best friend

Justin- Really, well your my best friend Troy 

Claire- I think its time for bed mr 

We take him upstairs and I tuck him in 

Troy- Mommy I wanna stay up with you and Justin 

Claire- Justin will be here tommorow you gotta go to sleep 

Troy says goodnight to Justin and gives me a kiss and a hug 

Claire- Good night sweetie, Mommy loves you 

Troy- I love you momma!!

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