High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


16. Moving day

Claire- Baby I'm scared

I cry as I sit on his lap and I put my head on his shoulder.

Justin- Baby I would NEVER let anyone in this WORLD hurt you or the kids! I love you guys too much to let anyone hurt either of you! 

I keep crying as he says that 

Justin- Smile baby

I shake my head no 

Justin- Please smile princess


Justin-Because I love you more then anything in the whole entire universe and I'd do anything to see you smile.

He holds onto my hand as he says that and after I grin 

Justin-THERE WE GO!! Now gimme a kiss!

I kiss him and he holds the back of my neck as we kiss and after he keeps his nose pressed 

to mine as our foreheads touch 

Justin- I swear to god that you get more and more beautiful every single day baby girl!

Claire- I don't think so 

Justin- Shush your mouth missy 

Claire-It's true baby I'm.....

In the middle of my sentence Justin kisses me 

Claire- Why'd you do that baby, I wasn't done talking

Justin- Because it was the only way to get you to shut up

Claire- True that is a good way to get me to shut up!
The next morning we are getting everything ready to move in with Justin and the kids are 


Justin- You ready to go baby girl?

Claire- Yep where are the kids? 

Justin- In the car I think they're a LITTLE excited!

We drive to Justin's and Hannah and Troy both talk the whole entire way there

Sorry its short guys! I'm running a bit low on ideas, so if you guys could comment  some 

ideas for me that'd be great!

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