High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


11. Moving and The ring

We get back to my aunts house and the kids are playing in the front yard, they see the car pull up and run over to it. Justin gets my crutches and helps me out of the car and I look at Hannah as she frowns 

Claire- Come here Hannah Banana

She doesn't at first but Justin says its ok Hannah go see mommy. She does and says mamma does your leg feel better and I say not yet princess but it will soon!

The next three days consist of me laying on the couch, Justin has been staying overnight and Justin has been absolutely AMAZING! 

The day that I can take my brace off and not have to use my crutches I wake up to Hannah and Troy jumping on my bed and both of them saying repeatedly MOMMY WAKE UP!I get up and take my brace off and Justin is downstairs 

Justin- Theres my girl

He walks over to me and gives me a hug and I say hi honey as  we hug

Justin-How' s your knee?

Claire- It's ok, it only hurts a little, look how much of a difference there is between my left and my right knee though baby.

He looks at them and sees how swelled up my right knee is 

Justin-That's  insane baby!

Troy- Justin guess what!?

Justin- What bud?

Troy- Your a goober!! 

Him and Hannah both laugh

Justin- What was that you just called me mr?

Troy runs and Justin goes after him and Justin picks him up and flips him upside down holding him by his feet. Troy laughs more then I've ever heard him laugh 

Hannah- Justin guess what?!

Justin- What Hannah banana?


At this point Justin has put Troy down and he bolts over to Hannah and picks her up and does the same thing that he does to Troy and she laughs even harder then he did.

Justin- Hey Claire guess what?

Claire- What??

Justin- YOUR A GOOBER!! 

I laugh and say whatever before even realizing that I said it. Justin slowly walks over as he says what was that last word you said and I say I said that I love you baby. He says that'swhat I thought and he smirks at me.  Hannah runs up to him and lifts her shirt up and screams TICKLE ME really loud.

Claire- Hannah there's no need to scream

Justin tickles her and she laughs 

Claire- Hannah and Troy want momma to put on a movie for you in her room??

They say yes so I do and when I come back down Justin's sitting on the counter 

Justin-Come here you 

He grins as he looks at me and I go over to him 

Justin- So baby, I've been thinking bout this ALOT and I really really want you and the kids to move in with me in my apartment, what do you think?

I barley have to think for even a second before I answer him

Claire- Sure baby!

Justin jumps off the counter and hugs me tight then we kiss and its the best and the 

longest kiss we have ever had.

After we kiss he puts each hand on one of my cheeks.

Justin-I love you so much Claire Bear!

As he says that he keeps his hands on my cheeks

Claire- I love you too Justy!

He presses his nose to mine 

Justin-I have a big surprise for you princess

Claire- And what would this so called surprise be baby?

Justin reaches in his pocket and takes out a box with a bow on it and gives it to me

Claire- What is it baby?

Justin- Just open it 

I open the box and when I see what's inside I immediatly cover my mouth with my hand 

Justin- It's a promise ring baby girl, it means that we are gonna be together forever no  matter what and that someday we will get married. 

Tears start flowing down my face because of how happy and shocked I am

Claire- This must have cost a fortune baby!

Justin- It doesn't matter how much it cost baby because it was all worth it for my princess

Claire- Why the hell do you have to be so god damn perfect baby?!

As I say that I have one hand on his cheek then I kiss him

Justin- Give me your hand baby girl

I give him my hand and he puts the ring on my hand then kisses my hand

Claire- Baby I love it

Justin- I thought you loved me?

Claire- I more then love you baby

I whisper this in his ear then we kiss   

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