High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


3. Meeting the kids


I walk to my aunts house and put my school bags inside and yell upstairs

Claire- Aunt Holly, I'm going to pick up the kids from school! 

I grab her keys and go get in the car and I get my phone out and text Justin saying that I can't wait for him to meet the kids

I  drive to the daycare and get out of the car and walk in the daycare, i go into the room and the second I get in hannah runs over to me saying mommy!! I pick her up smiling and I say hi baby girl as I smile

She whispers in my ear, mommy Troy bit Jack  today 

I put hannah down and tell her to go tell her brother mommys here and to go get their backpack and coats 

I talk to the teacher and find out that Troy not only bit Jack only today but TWICE! 

Troy comes up to me and says hi mommy as he grins and gives me a hug and I say hi buddy 

I pick up hannah and take Troys hand and the second we get outside I say Troy you are going right to time out when we get home mr and he frowns

I strap them into their carseats and Troy immediately says mommy too tight and I say don't even think about starting that with me mr! As I'm talking he looks the other way and I say Troy Anthony look at mommy when she is talking to you!

I get in the car and look at my phone and Justin texted me back saying to text him

when I leave the daycare and he will leave and I text him saying I'm leaving 

I tell the kids that they are gonna meet my friend Justin today

Troy-Mommy Hannah's asleep 

We get back and I unbuckle Troy and say go right to time out mr and I wake up

Hannah and carry her inside

I set the kitchen timer for four minutes and Troy comes over and sticks his tongue out

at me. I take him right back to time out and tell him I don't wanna be playing this

game with him today!

Hannah says mommy someone knocked at the door! I pick her up and open the door 

and Justin says hey you and I say hi and he gives me a hug.

He comes inside and Troy is standing there and I bring him back to time out

Hannah follows me holding my hand 

We walk back and I say Hannah say hi  to Justin as she holds onto my leg and she waves

Justin gets down on his knees and says hi sweetie how are you and she says good quietly 
She says momma I wanna play outside and I say in a few minutes baby once your brother is out of time out we can. 
Hannah tells Justin that Troy bit someone today at daycare and Justin says well that's not very nice is it and she shakes her head no
The timer goes off and I hand Hannah to Justin and she says mommy and reaches for me and I say I'll be right back honey
Hannah tells Justin that she has a trampoline in her backyard and Justin says what?! I wish I had a trampoline in my backyard and Hannah says you can come use ours sometimes! 
Troy runs in and says mommy who's that and immediatly runs right back to me and I say it ok buddy that's my friend Justin
Hannah says Troy he's really nice, then she says mommy I told him he could come jump on our trampoline sometimes and I laugh 
Justin puts Hannah down and gets on his knees again and says  what's your name buddy and he says Troy Anthony Jacobsen and I laugh and Justin says hi Troy Anthony Jacobsen I'm Justin Drew Bieber and he shakes his hand
Me and Justin jump on the trampoline with the twins for a while then I give them dinner and put them to bed.

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