High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


26. Meeting Ryan

Claire's P.O.V

All of the kids friends leave but Pattie, Jeremy, Jaxon, and Jazzy stay.

 The kids  go back out on the moonbounce and I go out there to watch them while Justin stays inside with his parents. 

Troy-Mommy come jump with us!

Claire- I'm just gonna watch buddy 

Jaxon- Claire look how high I can jump!!

Claire-That's so high Jaxon! 

Justin comes outside  holding a piece of cake and stands behind me and puts his head on my shoulder.   

Justin- Want a bite?

I shake my head no but he gives me one anyways. He finishes the cake and puts the garbage on the ground. 

Justin- Baby is it ok if my friend Ryan comes over tonight once the kids go to bed? I haven't seen him in a while plus he wants to meet you

Claire Yeah that's fine baby 

Jaxon comes off the moon bounce and stands next to me and I pick him up. I bounce him and pretend to drop him every once in a while and he laughs.

Jeremy-Jaxon and Jazzy it's time to go home 

 Troy and Hannah say bye to them and thank them for coming to their party.

I make Troy and Hannah a cheese pizza in the oven while they watch tv 

Justin comes into the kitchen and says come here missy and I shake my head no as I smirk

Justin -Oh your in big trouble missy!

I laugh and he comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my stomach

Justin- Turn around Princess

Claire- Hold on a minute baby their pizza is done and I don't want it to burn 

I take the pizza out and put it on two plates for the kids and they both eat their pizza and Troy falls asleep at the counter. I put Hannah and Troy to bed.

I go back downstairs and Justin is sitting on the counter shirtless and I smirk

Justin- What you smiling at little girl?!

I laugh and say oh nothing and smirk again and he jumps off from the counter and starts walking towards me and as he is he says what you smiling at little girl and he pins me up against the walland I say nothing again and smirk. He says I never gave you permission to smile missy! I laugh and he says I didn't give you permission to laugh either missy! I kiss him as both of my hands are on his cheeks and he says you can kiss me all you want and I kiss him again as I cup his face.We kiss intensely and I hold his face the whole time and his hands are on my butt. After we finally stop kissing I smile.

Justin-I don't think you understand how much I love you baby girl!

I grin and wrap my arms around his neck 

Claire- I don't think you understand how much I love you more baby boy!

Justin-I don't think you understand how much I love you the most baby girl!

Claire- Whatever!

Justin-You did not get whatever me girlfriend! 

 I laugh and say shi*t cas I know he's about to start tickling me now and he immediatly starts tickling me and I laugh and someone knocks at the back door.

Justin-Don't you move missy I'm not finished with you! 

I immedaitly run into the other room laughing and Justin answers the door and its Ryan

They come in and Justin realizes I'm not in the same spot. 

Justin- Help me find her dude, I was tickling her when u knocked on the door and I told her not to move and she did

Justin finds me almost right away and when he does he attacks me and pins me to the ground as I laugh

Justin-Now your just gonna get tickled even harder and more since you didn't stay there

I start cracking up before he's even touching me 

Justin-Damn girl I haven't even touched you yet!

He keeps pretending like he's about to start tickling me then he doesn't and every time he does that I laugh cas I think he's gonna start tickling me. He eventually starts tickling me like crazy and I laugh hysterically and he keeps tickling me and I laugh and say Justin Stop! I keep laughing and he starts tickling me less and less and eventually stops. I laugh and try to catch my breath as Justin doesn't get off me. 

 Ryan-I'm assuming this beautiful girl here is your girlfriend?  

Justin- Yea this beautiful girl that I'm laying on is my beautiful girlfriend!

Claire-I'm not beautiful! 

Justin-Yes you are beautiful 

Justin gets off of me then helps me up and hugs me 

Justin-Dude did you bring the movie?

Ryan- Yep

Justin- I'll make the popcorn 

I yawn 

Claire-I'm going to bed!

Justin-Oh no your not,your staying up with us missy!

Claire-Babe I can barley keep my eyes open 

Justin-Just fall asleep on me down here baby and I'll carry you up to our room later when I go to bed. I lay on the couch and I hear Hannah in the kitchen crying and I go in there with Justin and Ryan to see if she's ok

Justin-Baby I've got her go lay back down 

I do but Hannah cries more when I leave

Hannah-MOMMY NO!

I look at Justin asking what I should do and he points to the other room and I walk back into the other room and Hannah runs after me as she cries


Justins P.O.V.

I grabs her and pick her up 

Justin-Hannah you don't need mommy I'm right here 

She keeps crying and I hold her and she  looks at Ryan and whispers in my ear

Hannah-Who's that?

Justin-That's my friend Ryan

Ryan-Hi Hannah

Hannah says hi and waves to him and reaches for him and Ryan holds her

Hannah- I'm four

As she says I'm four she holds up five fingers and I laugh and say that's five silly and put one finger down and say that's four then I say silly Hannah banana!

Ryan-If your a banana does that mean I can eat you, because I'm really hungry!

Hannah-You can't eat me silly Ryan!

Ryan-Silly Hannah!

He pokes her nose and then she pokes his and pretends to take it

Hannah-I got your nose!

Hannah laughs and Ryan puts his hand where his nose would be

Ryan- What, why'd you take my nose Hannah! I need my nose back!

Hannah laughs and then pretends to give Ryan his nose back

Ryan-Oh thank goodness! I thought I would never get my nose back and I wouldn't be able to live without my nose!

Hannah looks at me and ask if she can have some juice and I say yes but just a little bit and I tell to to go sit at the counter while I get it for her

Hannah-Ryan I wanna sit on your lap while I drink my juice

Ryan walks over to the stool still carrying her and sits and puts Hannah in his lap and she yawns

Ryan-Somebody's tired

Hannah nods

Justin-After you drink your juice it right back to bed and ill come tuck you in

Hannah-I want Ryan to come tuck me in!

Justin-Ask him if he will tuck you in

I finish pouring juice into her sippy cup and place it in front of her

Hannah-Will you tuck me in please Ryan?

Ryan-Hmmmm let me think......Yes I will

Justin-Drink your juice then once your done come say goodnight to me and mommy and then Ryan will tuck you in

I go into the other room with Claire and she's laying on the couch crying a little

Justin-Sit up sweetheart

She sits up and I sit at the end of the couch and say rest your head on my legs baby and she does and I wipe the tears from her eyes with my thumb and take one of her hands and hold it. I run my fingers through her hair and I wipe her eyes again with my thumb.

Justin-Relax baby girl

I see that she has the goosebumps and I reach behind the couch that we are on and grab one of the soft fuzzy blankets and put it over her. As she's laying on me I brush my finger up and down her cheek a ton of times.

 Ryan comes in holding Hannah and she reaches for Claire and she takes her

Hannah-Good night mommy

Claire-Good night my big four year old

Hannah gives her a kiss and goes back to Ryan

Ryan-What about Justin?

Hannah-Oh yeah! Good night Mr.Goober!

Justin-Good night munchkin!

I give her a kiss and Ryan takes her upstairs

Claire lays with her head on my legs again

Justin-You okay sweetie?

Claire-I don't feel good baby

Justin-You don't? What doesn't feel good baby girl?

Claire-I have a headache and my throat hurts

Justin-Has it been bothering you all day?

She nods

Justin-Baby why didn't you tell me that you didn't feel good baby?

Claire-Because there was too much going on

Justin- I wish you had told me baby

I hold her hand as we lay together and she plays with my hand

Claire-I'm absolutely fucking freezing baby

I take off my sweatshirt and move the blanket off her for a sec and I help her get the sweatshirt and then I put the blanket back on her.

Ryan comes downstairs and we watch the movie and Claire's asleep almost right away and he pauses it while I bring her to bed. After the movie Ryan leaves and I go to bed too.



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