High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


7. Last day

It was the last day of school and I was standing at my locker when out of nowhere Justin  comes and wraps his arms around my waist and at the time that it happened I had absolutely no idea it was Justin, I look over my shoulder and realize it's him

Claire- OH MY GOD JUSTIN! Don't do that to me, you just almost made me pee my pants! 

Justin laughs

Justin- I'm sorry baby girl, I didn't mean to scare you, do you still love me?

Claire- It's ok baby, and  baby nothing in this whole entire world would ever make me not 
love you!

Justin smiles 

Justin- I need my morning hug baby 

He frowns and waits for me to hug him and I do then I give him a kiss and after I press my forehead to his 

Claire-Guess what baby


Claire- I love you 

Justin- Guess what? I love you more princess 

I grin and Justin's looking at me 

Claire-What is it babe?

Justin- I swear to god you get even more mother fucking beautiful every single day

As he says that he wraps his arms around my waist, I grin and try not to blush when he says that

Claire-I have the best boyfriend....

The bell rings before I get the chance to even finish my sentence and I frown

Justin- Smile baby girl, its the last day which means we can be together every day for the next two months

I give him a kiss and hug him not wanting to let go, Justin's best friend walks over to my locker like he does every day to get Justin so they can walk to class together

Ryan-Hey guys 

Claire-Hi Ryan 

I keep hugging Justin and he lets go and I frown and he holds one of my hands 

Justin-I'll see you in a bit honey

Claire- Bye baby I love you 

Justin- Bye Claire Bear I love you more

Claire-Bye Ryan

Ryan- Bye Claire

I start walking to my first class 

In the middle of the first class I get a text from Justin

Text from Justin- 
I have a really surprise for you tommorow

Text to Justin- 
What is it baby?!?!

Text from Justin- 
Haha I'm not gonna tell you silly goose!

At the end of the day me and Justin walk out to his car as we hold hands. We get in the car and I'm looking at something on my phone and Justin lifts my chin up 

Justin- Hi gorgeous

Claire- Hi handsome

He brushes his finger up and down my cheek and give me a kiss and keeps giving me them and I laugh, he starts the car and we drive to the twins daycare

We get out of the car and go inside and there's a window once you get inside so that you can see all the kids playing and Hannah grins and waves and runs over to the door and we open it and we runs to Justin


Justin picks her up and spins her around as she laughs 

Hannah- Hi mommy!

Claire- Hi baby girl

I give her a kiss 

Claire- Where's Troy Hannah?

Hannah- He asleep mama

I tell her to go get her and her brothers backpack and she does

I pick up Troy trying not to wake him up but he does and I hold him and tell him he can go back to sleep in the car 

Troy-Mommy I really missed you today!

Claire- I missed you too, mommy misses you and your sister every day when she's at school

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