High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


15. I'll protect you

They play in the water and I sit there with my sunglasses on and after about ten minutes Justin comes in front of me and puts his hands on my shoulders 

Justin-Hello Beautiful

Claire- Hi sweetheart

The kids play in the sand and Justin lays really close to me Justin stares at me for a few seconds 

Claire- Justin why are you staring at me!

We whispers in my ear 

Justin- Because your sexy

I giggle and press my forehead to his 

Justin- You have the most amazing eyes in the world princess

Claire- Really?! Cas I though you did!

Justin- Nooo you 

Claire- Whatever!

He leaps up once I say that and gets on top of me and before he even touches me I start laughing like crazy 

Justin- I haven't even touched you yet!

He laughs and starts lightly tickling me and I laugh and he keeps tickling me harder and harder and I don't stop laughing 

Claire-Justin stop!

Justin- NEVER 
 He keeps tickling me and finally stops

Justin- Have you learned your lesson about not saying whatever to me yet?! 

Claire- Nopeee

He tickles me more and I laugh 

Claire- Justin I learned my lesson I learned my lesson 

I keep laughing and he stops tickling me and sits next to me again

Justin- Gimme a kiss 

Claire- No thanks

I laugh and Hannah comes over and sits next to me and Hannah runs over and sits next to Justin and he pulls her onto his lap 

Justin- Hannah will give me a kiss right Hannah?

Hannah giggles and shakes her head no 

Justin- Pwease Hannah Banana

She gives him a kiss and laughs and sits back in his lap 

I get a text from my friend and immediatly frown and put my sunglasses on so no one can see me crying, Troy comes over and climbs into my lap and rests his head on my shoulder and he grabs my hand asking to hold it and I hold his hand as his tiny fingers are intertwined with mine. 

Troy- Mommy why are you wearing sunglasses?

Claire- Because its really sunny buddy 

He gets up to go play in the sand and Hannah goes and Justin motions for me to come to him and pats his leg telling me to sit on his lap and I shake my head no as I cry my eyes out behind my sunglasses 

Justin- Claire Bear get your butt over here and sit with me

I stand in front of him

Justin- Nope your gonna sit in my lap my beautiful baby girl!

I sit in his lap and he holds me and takes my sunglasses off and sees that I'm crying 

Justin- Princess, what's wrong??

Claire- Nothing Justin I'm fine

Justin- No your not Claire if you were fine you wouldn't be crying, just please tell me what's wrong baby girl!

I whisper in his ear so that the kids don't hear

Claire- Jesses getting out of jail tommorow 

I keep crying and Justin makes me look at him 

Justin-It's fine baby he won't find you

Claire- Justin he did last time and he tried to get the kids and tried to hurt me!!

Justin- I'll protect you guys baby it's ok

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