High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


10. Hospital

Justin- From now on whenever you say whatever to me I'm just gonna tickle you

I laugh and grin, I go downstairs and open the fridge and say ugh I really need to go to the grocery store. I eat a bagel and go outside and Troy and Hannah see me and run over to me and I pick them both up in my arms 


Claire-What baby?

Hannah- I didn't pee in my diaper last night!!


Troy plays with his cars with Justin and Hannah plays in the sandbox

Aunt Holly- I gotta go to work I'll see you guys later

I sit on the steps playing on my phone then I go inside to get a drink and trip and pop my kneecap out of its socket.


Justin-What is it baby??

Claire- I popped my knee out!!!

He runs in and says its ok baby calm down as I cry, he looks at my knee and says oh my god that's nasty! He tries to pop it back in

Claire-JUSTIN stop touching it!!!

Justin- Claire we gotta get it back in somehow!

He tries a few more times but it doesn't work

Justin- Baby we're gonna have to get you to the Hopsital, let me call my mom fast so she can help me get you out to the car and so she can watch the kids.

I cry even harder when he says I'm gonna have to go to the hospital 

Claire- Justin  I'm not going to the hospital!

Justin- Claire that's honestly the only choice

Justin calls his mom and she says she's on her way

Justin-Troy can you get your mom a water bottle from the fridge please?

He gets it and Justin says baby drink and I drink a little. Justin's mom pattie gets there and they have a plan and I'm standing up and I keep saying how I'm gonna faint and I eventually do and Hannah comes in crying and says is mommy ok as she cries and pattie picks her up and says mommy is ok Hannah she just hurt her leg really bad and is gonna have to go to the doctor so that they can fix it but she's gonna be ok. Justin says that he can just carry me to the car and he does and Pattie is behind us carrying Hannah in one arm and holding Troys hand with her other hand. Justin gets me in the car and Hannah is still crying  and he walks over to the driver side where his mom is standing with the kids and he takes Hannah as she cries and holds her and  says Hannah mommy hurt her knee but she is gonna be perfectly fine I promise, Hannah says pinky promise and Justin says I pinky promise  that she is gonna be fine Hannah. As Justin's getting in Hannah says I love you mommy and I say I love you Hannah banana I love you Troy. 

As soon as the car door shuts I say Holy mother f****** s**** I'm in so god damn much pain! At this point I'm crying more then before and Justin's holding one of my hands while he drives. We stop at a red light and Justin looks at me and says Claire look at me and I do as I cry.

Justin- Baby breathe 

Claire- Justin you have NO IDEA how much pain I am in right now! 

We get to the hospital 

Justin- Baby I'm gonna go get a wheelchair I'll be back

Claire- Hurry baby!

He comes back and a nurse is with him and they get me out of the car and into the wheelchair and I bite my nails as we go in and once we get into the Hopsital I look at Justin 

Claire-Baby stay with me

Justin-I'm right here baby I'm not going anywhere

As he says that he holds my hand and I grip onto his We get into a room and almost immediatly a doctor comes in 

Doctor-We're just gonna do this really quick

Before he can even finish the sentence he pops it back in and as he does I sware. They give me morphine through a shot.

Claire-I hate needles so much!

Justin-Baby just don't look, look over at me 

Justin takes my hands and wipes the tears from my eyes

Doctor- All done

They put they brace type thing on my leg and say I probably would want crutches but its my choice and I decide to get them. 

I tell them thank you and we leave and I start going towards the car but Justin stops me

Justin-Baby just wait here I'll go get the car

I stand there with my crutches crying as he goes to get the car, he brings it up and helps me get in the car and puts my crutches in the back. He gets in and gives me a long hug and whispers in my ear I'm sorry you hurt your knee baby girl. He wipes my tears again 

Claire- I'm so miserable baby, I'm not gonna be able to do anything for days! I'm not gonnanot gonna be able to drive, not gonna be to take care of the kids, nothing baby! I fricking HATE this!! 

I bury my head in my hands and Justin moves my hands and I put them back and he moves them again and I put them back and he moves them again.

Justin-What are we playing peek-a-boo or something!!

I laugh a tiny bit 

Justin takes my chin 

Justin-Claire Bear look at me, I'm gonna help you get through this, I'll even stay overnight if you want, we will get through this together baby girl. 

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