High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


13. First Fight

Claire-Boo boo will you help the kids get their bathing suits on while I get ready?? 

Justin- Do I really have to? 

Claire-I'll do it then! Not like I have to go ready to go or anything!

Justin- I have to get ready too!

I storm inside and slam the door and go upstairs and get out the kids bathing suits as tiny tears start to form in my eyes. Justin is standing at the doorway but I pretend I don't know he's there and I say Hannah and Troy turn off the tv and come over here, they don't do it and I yell NOW! They turn off the tv and come over to me, I help Troy take his pajamas off and I put his buzz bathing on him.

Troy- Mommy!! We were just watching buzz on the tv!!

I don't say anything and put a tshirt on him. I look behind me and Justin is still standing in 

the doorway.

Claire- Do you need something?!


I look at Hannah and Troy and tell them to stay in mommys room for a minute, I leave the room and shut the door

Claire-Justin watch your mouth around my kids!! 

Justin- What the fuck did I do wrong Claire?!?


AND THEN YOU JUST SWARE AGAIN! I don't even know what I did wrong!!

Justin- You treat me like CRAP CLAIRE!! I'm not your slave!!  

Claire- That's funny Justin cas your the one that just the other day told me that you'll help me get through this and that we'll get through it together!  I NEVER ask you to do ANYTHING for me Justin! 

Justin- That's such a lie Claire and you know it! AGH your such a bitch! I shouldn't have ever even asked you to move in with me!!!! I'm done!!

The second he says that I start feeling like I'm gonna be sick to my stomach

Claire- I can't believe that you just said that Justin!!!

I take the ring off my finger and throw it on the ground 

Claire- Take the ring with you! I'm sure you'll find a new girlfriend that you'll be able to give it too! She'll probably be prettier then me and won't treat you like a slave!

He picks up the ring


He leaves and I go in my room and turn on the tv for the kids and tell them we aren't going to the beach.

I look out the window and watch him drive away and cry harder 

Text to Justin- 

So we're honestly done?! 

The kids are sad that you didn't say bye to them

Text from Justin- 
I'm on my way back now, Im sorry Claire Bear I don't know what got into me 

I go downstairs and lay on the couch with my head face down in the pillow crying more then I have since my parents died. Justin walks in and he walks into the living room and sits in front of the couch. He just sits there for a minute 

 Claire- The thing that I'm most upset about is that you called me a bitch and said that you never even should have asked me to move in with you 

I say this as I keep my head buried in the pillow, Justin kneels next to the couch 

Justin- Look at me

I don't look at him 

Justin- Am I really gonna have to tickle you to make you look at me?!

Claire- Justin don't 

Justin-Please just look at me Claire

I still don't so he scoops me up and sits on the couch and sets me on his lap so I'm looking at him and I hide my face with my hands and Justin moves them


I laugh a little and Justin says there I got you to laugh and he pokes my belly and I say don't tickle me I'm mad at you 

Justin- Would a kiss make it better?

Claire- No Justin....

I don't even get the chance to finish talking before he interrupts me

Justin- Just listen please Claire, that's all I ask. I'm sorry for everything I shouldn't have acted that way at all. I should've just helped you get the kids ready. I'm sorry I said you treat me like a slave when you don't,  I'm sorry I said you treat me like crap when you don't and I'm sorry I said those things in front of the kids. But most of all I'm sorry I called you a bitch and I'm sorry I said I never should have even asked you to move in with me in the first place. I'm sorry baby please please forgive me! 

Claire- I forgive you baby

Justin kisses me 


Gives me a kiss 

Justin- Love 

Gives me a kiss

Justin- You 

Gives me a kiss 

Justin- Baby 

Gives me a kiss

Justin- Girl

Gives me a kiss 

I give him a kiss

Claire- I 

I give him a kiss


I give him a kiss 


I give him a kiss


I give him a kiss


I give him a kiss 


I give him a kiss 

Justin- Oh give me a real kiss

I giggle and he grabs my face and we make out as he has one hand up the back of my shirt rubbing my back and I have one of my hands up the front of his shirt feeling his abs

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