High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


2. Beautiful


Justin stands up and looks at the the guy that called me a slut.

Justin- What did you just call her?

The guy just laughs and walks away and Justin flips him off as he leaves.

He sits back down and my head is on the table trying to hide the fact that I am crying, picks 

my head up and wipes my tears.

Justin-You ok?

Claire- Yeah I'm good I'm used to it believe me

I keep crying and the bell rings and we have the next class together and Justin stands up.

Justin- Come here

He puts  his arms out waiting for me to hug him.

Claire- Make me

I stick my tongue my tongue out at him and laugh and he motions for me to come to him and I don't.

Justin- Don't make me tickle you again missy!

I laugh and stand up and go over to him, he looks at me and wipes my tears again and hugs me. 

We walk to class together and sit down.

Justin- Can I see your phone, I wanna put my number in there

I unlock my phone and give it to him and he puts his number and gives it back as he grins 

Claire- What'd you do??

Justin- Nothing 

He grins and I check to see what he puts his name as and it says sexy justin and I laugh a little but realize we're in class so I

cover my mouth trying not to be loud 

I text him saying gimme your phone now and he does and I write my name in as ugly Claire and give it back to him, he reads it

and glares at me for a few seconds

He texts me and says Your absolutely F****** beautiful Claire, every time you call yourself ugly I'm just gonna have to tickle you missy!

I text back I've never been called beautiful before today :)

The bell rings for the day and Justin walks over to my locker with me

Justin-What are you doing now?

Claire- I gotta go pick up the kids from daycare 

Justin- I wanna meet them, I love little kids!

Claire-You can come over if you want

Justin-Ok I just gotta go home for a bit first, I'll be there round five

Claire-Ok sounds good

I give him a hug and he moves a piece of my hair and whispers something into my ear

Justin-Bye beautiful 



hey guys comment if you want more!


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