High School Sweethearts

Claire is a junior in high school and is always picked on and doesn't have any friends. All this changes when a new kid moves into town.


14. Beach

We go to the beach the next day, I put on a pink bathing suit and a blue sundress and flip 

flops. I walk downstairs and Hannah and Troy are both holding one of Justin's hands, I 

smile huge when I see this.

Hannah-Mommy Justin said we're gonna go out dinner tonight

Claire- Oh really! I guess he's telling you things before he's telling me now Hannah! You 

must be his new girlfriend!!

Hannah giggles

Hannah- No mommy your his grilfirend!

Justin- I'm sorry princess, I thought I had told you we were going out tonight

I go over to him and kiss him lightly 

Claire- It's ok baby 

Claire- Who's ready to go  

Hannah and Troy yell me and so does Justin

We get in the car and Justin helps me in the car cas of my knee He helps the kids into their carseats 


Claire- Troy don't even start that! 

Justin tickles his belly quickly and he giggles,  he scoops up Hannah 

Justin-Hi Hannah banana!

Hannah- I'm not a banana!

Justin- Really?!?! That's really wierd cas I thought you were! 

He straps her in and Troy asks Justin if he can please turn on their movie for them and he 


Claire- Nice manners Troy

It takes about 45 minutes to get there


Justin- What Hannah?! I don't see the beach!

Hannah- It's right there in front of us!

I get out  and get the bags from the back 

Justin- Baby I'll get the bags you get the kids 

Claire- Thanks baby 

I give him a kiss I hold Troy and hold Hannah's  hand We walk to the sand  and Justin takes the kids to the edge of the water and I put the towels down 

Claire-Hannah and Troy come here please so mommy can put sunscreen on you

Hannah comes 

Troy- I don't want sunscreen! 

Claire-You need sunscreen Troy


Claire- Troy Anthony Jacobsen if you don't come over here by the time I count to ten then your  going back in the  carand Hannah will stay out here and have fun with mommy and Justin, but if you come over here you'll be able to have fun too.

Justin-Troy come on I gotta get sunscreen too

Justin starts walking towards me and realizes he isn't coming so he runs to him picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder. Troy screams and once Justin gets to me he puts Troy down 


Justin ignores him and helps Hannah get her sunscreen on

I grab Troys arm and take his face so that he's looking at me

Claire- Troy there's no screaming at the beach! And apologize to Justin 

After I  say that he screams in my face

Troy- NOO!!

Claire- Once I get your sunscreen on your sitting on this towel for five while minutes cas your in time out!

I put his sunscreen on him and after he runs to the edge of the water 

Claire- TROY! Get back here your in time out!!!

He comes back pouting and stomping his feet and sits next to me Hannah sits there waiting for me to tell her she can go play

Claire- Hannah you can go play, but mommy wants a hug first Hannah runs over and attacks me with a hug as I'm sitting down almost making me fall over   

Claire- Woah! You almost made mommy fall over you silly goose!! 

Hannah- I'm sorry momma!I love you!  
Claire- I love you too baby girl!

She runs over to the edge of the water and once she gets there she looks at me 

Claire- It's ok Hannah you can go in 

Hannah- I want you to go in with me momma!

She says it nervously and walks over to me and grips onto me 


Claire- Troy don't say that! Now you get five more minutes!

I look at Hannah as she cries and say its ok honey ignore him, Justin comes over to Hannah 

Justin- I'll go in with you Hannah 

He picks her up and she grips onto him and when they get closer to the water Hannah says I  don't wanna go in!! She turns her head  and looks at me scared

Hannah- Momma I want you to come with us!

Claire- Ok baby girl

I take my dress off and tell Troy to stay there I go over to them and Hannah reaches for me 

Claire- Hannah your fine with Justin mommy doesn't need to hold you

We walk into the water and Justin tells Hannah to looks at all the fishies and she doesJustin keeps holding onto Hannah and I realize that she isn't holding onto him as much now and I grin, Hannah splashes Justin and he says did you just splash me missy and she giggles and says yes 

I go back to the towel without Hannah even noticing 

Claire- Troy can you be nice now??

Troy- Yeah

He comes over to me and hugs me and says I'm sorry mommy I love you and I say thank you for apologizing I love you too buddy now go play

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