No Reason to Pretend

Liam from One Direction & Jesy from Little Mix fall in love after an unexpected visit at the mall, but it's not as easy as they think. Jesy is supposedly having problems with her family, while Liam is having problems with his social life, especially with the other boys in One Direction. They both face consequences which may or may not end up well, whether they are together or apart...


9. Chapter 9 - Another Save



All the boys walked inside in a single file line, and sat down on a white leather couch next to each other. It took a while to get Harry out of his room, even now stained tears covered his face. Simon just sat behind his desk with his head tilted to one side.

"I've heard you have been missing rehearsals, photo shoots, radio interviews, crew meetings, movement rehearsals and song writing sessions," Simon said curiously. Louis could not see how he knew he knew all those things in the top of his head.

"I would like to discuss this matter," Simon said, not meaning it as a question but a statement.

Everyone looked down at their feet shamefully. They had told Simon months earlier that they could do this without Simon's help, as Simon had other unsurmountable work to complete. Now Simon had to save them, again.

Louis was the first one who answered.

"Well, Zayn, Niall, and I tried to get to as many possible ways to get to those things done, but they," he answered, gesturing at Harry & Liam, "are staying in their rooms all day long."

"Ok, well, I don't want to know about your business, but everyone else, including all your fans need to know you are all meant to be like best friends, maybe even brothers. You are assigned to 7 and a half hours per day, together I shall add, and if you miss any of those hours, I will have to take away your recording contract," Simon said, looking at every one of them separately. "Get started now. Your new music video shoot is in one hour. A limo is waiting for you outside."

The boys nodded and walked out of the room. They then went down the lift and a familiar face waved at them.

"Rob!!!" they all shouted in unison. Rob was one of their limo drivers since they became famous. He was African, slightly bold and quite tall. He was quite obviously the favourite of all of their drivers.

"Hey boys! Where have you lads been for the past couple of days?" Rob said in his usual American accent. None of the boys attempted to answer, but then Simons words sank in, and faces started turning bright with happy emotion.

"Oh, just chillin'!"

"Simon let us off!"

"We went to a theme park and it was a hell lot of fun!"

They were sounded cheerful while lying. Harry swung his arms around Liam and Zayn and showed off his big toothy grin.

"Well then, let's go to the studio," Rob said happily, when they all stepped in the beautiful black limo. He truly loved his job. One Direction were his best and only friends and he really felt lonely when he could not drive them anywhere.


After a while of full blast radio and practising harmonies, they reached the studio and stepped out. 

"Cheers Rob!" they all exclaimed.

Liam actually thought this could be a really good day. A perfect day, actually. Harry's face turned back to his normal tanned colour, and his green eyes shone with excitement. Louis was grinning, Zayn was chatting to Rob and Niall asked for food. Everyone laughed about that. Typical Niall.

They thanked Rob again for taking them, and after they walked in the studio. Everyone in the room stopped talking for a second, but then the noise started again.

It was chaos, but they all loved it. Fans were twittering them shouting for a new song and music video, so they all tried their hardest to make this their best. Crew were shouting over the noise, camera men were fixing the position of their cameras, and make up ladies hurriedly finished the final touches of their faces.


After a while (which turned out to be four and a half hours) they were finally done. Rob drove them back home and they all went to bed smiling. Things were actually turning out to be really good. 


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