No Reason to Pretend

Liam from One Direction & Jesy from Little Mix fall in love after an unexpected visit at the mall, but it's not as easy as they think. Jesy is supposedly having problems with her family, while Liam is having problems with his social life, especially with the other boys in One Direction. They both face consequences which may or may not end up well, whether they are together or apart...


8. Chapter 8 - Fake love





Chantelle stood in front of the door nervously. She silently counted to three and knocked loudly on the door. After waiting for a while she turned around. So much for this plan, she thought. Then she heard the door creak open, and as she spun around, it opened even wider. It was Harry. His surprised green eyes met hers. He was surprised because he hadn’t seen her in a week, and because she, in the end, had bonded a bigger relationship with James. Chantelle spoke first.

“I dumped James. I want to apologize of what I did.”

Harry smiled innocently. What he didn’t know was that Chantelle knew about him lying.

“Come in,” he said.

They sat on the edge of Harry’s double king bed. They both didn’t say a word, but surprisingly it wasn’t awkward. They just stared at each other, but for a different reason; Harry because he meant it, and Chantelle because she had to get with Harry again for the plan to work. Chantelle hoped her acting skills were up to scratch. Meanwhile, Liam pressed his ear against Harry’s door. He was confused because all that came to him was silence, but Chantelle soon broke it.

“Harry, would you like to go to the movies with me again? I mean, without James or anyone.” There was a long pause. Liam gritted his teeth. This had to work.

“Sure, what day?” Harry finally asked. Liam let out his breath.

“Um, Friday?” Chantelle suggested.

“Yeah, that would be fine!” Harry said without hesitation.

“Cool, I gotta jet because I need to pick my mum up from the airport,” Chantelle lied. Liam quickly shuffled to his room. Harry then led her to the door and Harry leant over for a kiss. Chantelle felt awkward, but she had to keep acting. After brushing her lips across his, she waved.

“See you on Friday!” Harry called.


Chantelle, Liam and James met in Richmond Park one hour later.

“How did it go?” James inquired.

“Perfect,” Liam replied excitedly.

“So when the ‘date’?” James asked.



Harry took Chantelle to the mall, and James took the rest of the band. Chantelle told Harry she bought tickets for them, and James said that he bought tickets for him and the others as well. Even though they were angry at James they still agreed to go. They didn’t know that Harry was sitting in front of them, right in front of the lights in the back row. Liam did this specially so when Harry kisses Chantelle their kiss will illuminate on the screen.

Harry and Chantelle sat down on their seats, then minutes later Louis, Niall, Zayn and James sat behind them. The movie started with full of romance, which was good, and it stayed that way. Halfway through the movie Harry stared at Chantelle and he leant in. They kissed deeply and the movie was nothing except them kissing. James grinned, but people who were watching the movie groaned. A bodyguard came in and took Harry and Chantelle away and left the rest of One Direction stare at him in shock.

“That’s Harry and that girl!” James gasped, doing his best to pretend he didn’t know. Louis stood up and shouted at Harry. Harry cursed at him and Niall stood up and walked towards him.



The next day Harry stayed in his room, and still did Liam as well. Instead of one group, it transformed into three; Liam, Harry, and Niall and Louis and Zayn. There was silence in the house. They stopped going to interviews, rehearsals and many more things they were going to since the incident with Harry. They tried to hide it with Simon, but they soon found out it didn't work.

The boys heard the phone ring, and so Louis answered the phone. “Hello?”

“It’s Simon. Meet me in my office tomorrow,” and hung up. 



Hey guys I hope you enjoy my story so far! tell me what you think, would really appreciate feedback! I made a new book called 'Pencil & Paper' so make sure to check that out :) will update soon xx

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