No Reason to Pretend

Liam from One Direction & Jesy from Little Mix fall in love after an unexpected visit at the mall, but it's not as easy as they think. Jesy is supposedly having problems with her family, while Liam is having problems with his social life, especially with the other boys in One Direction. They both face consequences which may or may not end up well, whether they are together or apart...


5. Chapter 5 - Harry

For two days Liam remained in his bedroom with his door closed, lying on his bed, thinking. He thought Jesy loved him, but no, she was with this other guy who Liam couldn't even make out the name. Remi? A french name, probably. While he was sitting on his bed that evening he heard someone close the door, but he didn't care.

The person that walked out of the door turned out to be Harry, leaving for the movies with his friend James. He was supposed to meet with him in the movies, so before he left he told the other boys he was going. After all, he didn't want to end up like Liam.


When Harry and James entered the mall entrance they asked each other where the cinema was, and not surprisingly they both didn’t know.

“We’re going to be late James,” Harry said when James paced in no particular direction in front of him.

“Harry, ask that girl where to go,” James whispered, ignoring his statement, and looking at a girl with a small white piece of paper in her hand in front of him. “She’s got a ticket.”

“Do you need something?” A voice said, and as she turned around Harry gasped a small ‘whoa.’ She did look pretty with her blue sequined dress and her long dark lashes. “Oh, I’m Chantelle by the way. And you are?”

“I’m Harry and this is my friend James. Um, Do you have any idea where the cinema is?”

Chantelle said a quick “Just follow me,” and as they followed, Chantelle started talking to them.

“You know, it is such a coincidence that your name is Harry, because you look exactly like Harry Styles, you know, from One Direction, but just with blonde hair” Chantelle continued.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows, but then remembered he dyed his hair for the day so no one could figure out who he was. All he needed to do was to keep his head down and to not deliver attention. 

“I, um, well, I am Harry Styles,” Harry said but then immediately regretted it. 

“You got to be kidding me,” Chantelle whispered.

“It’s true,” James said. Harry expected her to be one of those girls who get all fangirly and start to scream, attracting swarms of people, the last thing he wanted to happen right now. But Chantelle didn’t do any of that; she sure looked surprised, but she kept talking. Harry was starting to like her.

When they reached the cinema they found out their seats were right next to each other. Yess, Harry thought. After buying three large boxes of popcorn, a litre bottle of coke to share, an ice cream and biscuits they walked into the cinema the same time the movie started, and sat down at seats A23, A24 and A25, in order James, then Harry, then Chantelle

They all talked for a little longer but then soon started watching the movie. They all had front row seats which wasn't really a good thing as they had to look up to watch the movie, but Chantelle didn't seem to mind. James looked over at her and saw she was really into that movie as she was smiling and her eyes connected to the screen.

The movie was full of comedy and romance. Towards the end Chantelle stared at Harry with such warmth that Harry was tempted to lean in and pull in her soft black hair, and that was exactly what he did, and she accepted it.

Meanwhile, James stared at Harry and started to grin. He couldn't wait for the others to know.

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