No Reason to Pretend

Liam from One Direction & Jesy from Little Mix fall in love after an unexpected visit at the mall, but it's not as easy as they think. Jesy is supposedly having problems with her family, while Liam is having problems with his social life, especially with the other boys in One Direction. They both face consequences which may or may not end up well, whether they are together or apart...


2. Chapter 2 - Saturday




Liam loved to sleep. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace, basically wherever and whenever he wanted to. That Saturday morning he slept till 3pm and woke with the sun shining above him through the window. Beautiful day for the park, he thought with a grin. After quickly throwing on his jeans and shirt he wore yesterday, he opened the door and searched his pocket for some cash to buy some ice cream. He then found something and unraveled the piece of paper. It was the note Jesy had given to him. Jesy.

Liam went back inside and rummaged his room for his phone. After he finally found it he typed up the numbers scrawled throughout the page on his phone. Nervous but excited, Liam found himself pressing the call button. He listened to the ring of the phone until Jesy's voice responded with a "sorry, im not available at the moment, please leave a message or ring back later".

Liam was so taken aback about her voice that he heard a sudden beep. He was about to press the end call button but then quietly said, "um.... hi.... this is liam.... i was just wondering if you could come to the park and have an ice cream... only if you want to that is." Then he ended the call and slumped back down on his bed.

After about 25 minutes he heard his phone ring, and Liam could not suppress a huge smile on his face because he almost knew in his mind that it was Jesy, but looked at the screen saw that it was only Zayn.

"Man, why don't you just come upstairs and talk to me then!"

Zayn replied, "why are you so angry?"

Liam remembered that no one else knew about Jesy, and he wanted it to stay that way. Especially Zayn, as he was already hooked up with a Little Mix member.

"Well?" Zayn said.

 Liam replied with a quick but sad,"Um.. nothing... " and hung up.


Minutes later Zayn walked into Liam's room and saw that he was slumped on his bed crying.

"What's wrong Liam? Omg that is like the first time since x-factor that I've ever seen you cry!"

Zayn guessed that he made it worse because Liam was sobbing even louder.

"Um, I'm sorry for calling you downstairs if that was the matter. I really shouldn't have done that," Zayn said, and with no answer, he left Liam's room.

Zayn quietly slipped out of Liam’s room and walked downstairs. He wondered what was going on because Liam never acted like this, and started thinking of some possibilities. Maybe it was because Simon said something that wasn’t nice, but then he took that back because Liam was like Simon’s favourite and would never says anything offensive or negative. Maybe it was because everyone in the group had been ignoring him, but then he remembered they had this giant party last night, and he seemed totally normal. Before any other thoughts came inside his head, Harry asked Zayn why he was at Liam's room, and Zayn explained what was going on.

He finished with a "I don't know what to do with him! I mean, he's acting all weird and he's not telling me about it. He usually tells me everything."

"Well, at the photo shoot tomorrow afternoon he should start acting fine, I guess," Harry said.

"Yeah, hopefully," Niall added.

Back in his room Liam heard his phone ring but he took no notice of it. He knew it was Zayn so  he slumped back under his duvet. He heard his phone ring the second time and finally answered "Shut up Zayn!!" and hung up. His phone rang a third time and then he screamed "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"

A small quiet voice answered "Um its Jesy! I know you don't really need to talk right now so I should hang up or -"

Liam replied with a really quick, "no, no! Zayn was just being annoying and I thought it was him! I'm so so sorry. Did you get my message?"

The quiet voice said, "Sure, what about tomorrow? My granddad is very sick so I have to visit him on Monday, and I have got concert rehearsals tomorrow morning, so what about the afternoon, but if you want -"

"Sure! That sounds great, tomorrow afternoon, it is!!"

"Ok see you then!" 

Liam was so taken aback by this conversation that he forgot he had his own photo shoot tomorrow afternoon. He decided he would call Jesy, but then remembered that she had no other time available, and who knows how long she might stay with her granddad? He decided to tell the others that he couldn't be able to make the photo shoot, but then Zayn must have told the others about him, but he didn't want to embarrass himself even more. Excuse started lining in his mind, and when he finally made up that he was going to his family's house because it was Charlottes birthday he felt really excited. Oh how he couldn't wait!!!



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