You and Me Forever

When a 17 year old girl named Mia flees from her abusive foster care family in Detroit and takes the first bus she sees, she ends up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania completely lost with no place to go. But with her intelligence and independence she quickly pulls her feet up and finds a room to rent out at a house owned by a friendly married couple. She enrolls at Timber Heights High school and finds a job as a waitress at a downtown restaurant called "Cœur De La Ville.'' At her high school, Mia quickly makes a good friend, Alyssa. When they decide to go out to a club one night, she finds herself in a terrible situation, but who comes to her rescue? None other than the most gorgeous, perfect Noah Lyons, one of the most popular boys at her school. Just when everything is turning up for her, a terrible figure from her past comes to haunt her and treacherous memories come creeping back.


2. Philadelphia, PA

When I woke up, the sun was shining right on my eyes and I pulled back into a small cocoon. I blinked a couple of times and my eyes adjusted. I looked out the window with disbelief. I saw huge, tall buildings hovering all around me, so many cars were passing by, bicyclists were riding around all the streets, pedestrians were everywhere walking down the pavements, crossing roads, and I saw a group of friends in a coffee shop laughing hysterically. This was all so surreal. I had always been accustomed to living in a small town, this seemed like a whole different world to me. I gazed at all the wonders happening around me. I saw a mother strolling her two twins around a park and I couldn't help but smile. I felt so safe here. I knew from this day on I was going to be happy. The bus drove down many streets until it came to its final stop. The Philadelphia bus station. I waited till everyone got off the bus to stand up. As I got out, I waved goodbye to the bus driver and he waved back. I watched it as it drove off. When it was completely out of sight, I looked around and realized something amazing. I was free. Free to do whatever I pleased and free to go where ever I wanted. I squealed in excitement. I walked down the end of the road, and followed a swarm of people crossing a street. I zipped open my backpack and pulled out an old tin box of lemon drops. I kept my money in here. I counted it carefully - $72. I had been saving up since I was 13 and had successfully hidden it from my foster parents. This would have to do for now but I knew I would need to get a job fast and a place to stay. I walked about some more, taking in everything I came across. I enjoyed looking into shopping windows at all the pretty clothes and furniture. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Time flew by quickly, and it started to get dark. I popped into a coffee shop and ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and an orange juice. My money bank was now down to $66. Once I had finished, I walked around some more. I had no idea where I was going. 

"Excuse me mam, I was wondering if you know any good cheap places to stay around here? I asked a nice looking woman wearing a sleek black business suit and sunglasses. 

''No sorry hun, unfortunately I don't. But I'm sure there are many around here, just keep looking." She replied as she opened a glass door to a humongous building with ''Bank of Philadelphia" written in bold letters just above the door.

I was surprised at how friendly and kind she was. This made me smile, even though she wasn't very helpful. 

I asked person after person but all of them had the same answer. It was getting really dark, and I was tired from walking around all day. I walked over to the park I had seen the mother with her two twins at and sat down at one of the benches. A big fountain stood in the center. It was a mermaid spitting out water. About a half hour passed, and I decided it was silly to sit around doing nothing so I got up and walked again. A young girl with a cute golden retriever approached me and it licked my hand in delight. The girl giggled and I smiled. As I was admiring the dog I bumped into someone and fell to the ground. I looked up and saw a man who looked to be in his early 30's completely taken back by what had just happened. He had soft, warm chocolate brown eyes, dirty blonde hair and was dressed casually in a light blue blouse and brown cargo pants. 

''Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.'' he exclaimed as he helped me to my feet.

''It's okay, it was an accident.'' I smiled softly. 

''I didn't see you coming at all.'' He smiled back.

''No big deal, it happens. Thanks for helping me up though.'' 

''Of course. Well, again sorry. I'll be on my way then.'' he grinned as he headed off in the opposite direction. 

''Wait!'' I shouted. He turned his head toward me and raised his eyebrow. - ''I was wondering, do you know any cheap places to stay around here?'' 

His face brightened up. ''Yes! Why in fact, me and my wife have three extra rooms in our house and we have been wanting to rent them out for some time now but haven't found anyone interested. Are you?'' 

''That sounds perfect!'' I cried with relief. ''So money wise, how much are we talking?'' 

''$60 dollars a week including all food costs. Does that sound okay?'' 

''That'll work.'' We then, formally introduced ourselves and I found out his name was Gordon. He talked all about his life and where he worked. He said he and his wife had been wanting a baby for a while now, and talked about how excited he was to start a family. He drove me to his home, which was a cozy, quaint little house on Cherry Oaks Boulevard. I met his wife, Cheryl who was very kind and welcoming. She showed me to my room which offered a great view of the city in the distance. We all sat at the dinner table and ate Cheryl's famous Chicken à la Moutarde which tasted delicious. They asked me all about my life and where I came from. I lied about everything. I said I had come from Chicago to start a new life here. They had no idea where I used to live. Later that evening, I lay in my comfortable bed with freshly cleaned covers to keep me warm thinking about my life ahead of me. I kept telling myself ''I'm going to be alright.'' I was excited for the new day to come.

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