Still The One

What would you do if you had to move half way acroos the world after you found out something that could make you the happiest person alive. Thats what happend to Jenn. She had to move away right after her bestfriend Louis Tomlinson tells her something shes been waiting to hear forever.


9. Chapter 9

Jenn's pov
I miss him so much! It's been an hour and I already have cried me eyes out. The only good thing is that we get to fly first class cause my family is relatively rich. Harvey keeps trying to comfort me but nothing helps. All I can think about is Lou and how I'm going to live with out him for god knows how long. I'm also really bored cause all the movies they're showing are bad ones. Harvey fell asleep about half an hour ago so now I have no one to talk to. And my thoughts keep wandering to Louis.
Louis' pov
Holy crap I miss her! Her plane wouldn't of even landed yet. I hope she's ok. I mean if she was crying or something it would break me cause I can't hold her. Right now I'm packing for X factor. Jenn convinced me to go since the only thing stopping me before was the fact I would have to leave her. She said that I'm going to win but I doubt it. There are going to be so many other people auditioning its unlikely I'll even get a spot in the show. I hope I do though and I'm confident with my song choice. Jenn chose it for me. She said that it was my song and that I didn't sing it she would disown me as a friend. I doubt she would though but I chose it anyway.
Mum: Louis are ready to go yet?!
Me: Almost done!
Mum: Well get down here and say good by to your sisters!
Mum and I were yelling cause I'm upstairs and she's down stairs.
Me: Coming Mum!
I ran down stairs with my suitcase and of corse I fell. I landed and the bottom of the stair with a thump and my sisters laughing at me.
Me: Didn't you know that's the new hip way to get down stairs.
Lottie: You wish Lou.
Me: You going to miss me.
Lottie: No I'm going to miss you doing stupid tot hinge and laughing at you.
Me: Aww I love you too sis. *hugs her*
Fizzy: What about me!
Me: Nope sorry I don't hug peasants.
Fizzy: But you hugged Lottie.
Lottie: Hay!
Me: *laughing* I was joking Fiz give me a hug. *pulls her into a hug.
Fizzy: I'm going to miss you Lou.
Me: Me too.
Phoebe: Bye Louis! I'm going to miss you a lot.
Me: Hay it's alright love I'll be back before you know it.
Phoebe: I hope so.
Me: Love you. *hugs her*
Daisy: Bye Bye LouLou.
Me: I though I tolled you not to call me that.
Daisy: Oops sorry LouLou.
Me: Hay!
Daisy: Love ya.
Me: Love you too. *hugs her*
Mum: Bye love I'm going to miss you so much. *starts to cry*
Me: Hay, it's alright mum don't cry. I'm going to miss you too.
Mum: I can't believe my baby has grown up so fast.
Me: Mum I'm not going forever. *pulls her into a hug*
Mum: I know sweety I just love you so much.
Me: I love you too mum. Bye everyone see you on the telly.
Everyone: Bye Louis.
Mum: Bye love. Have a safe trip.
Me: I will mum. Love you!
I could see mum crying as I walked down the drive to my taxi. Well this is it. I'm actually kind of nervous. I'm not good with new people but once you get to know me I'm fine. I really hope I do well.

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