Still The One

What would you do if you had to move half way acroos the world after you found out something that could make you the happiest person alive. Thats what happend to Jenn. She had to move away right after her bestfriend Louis Tomlinson tells her something shes been waiting to hear forever.


8. Chapter 8

Jenn's pov
I'm so tiered! Last night I had a sleep over with all my friends to say good bye cause at 5:00 this afternoon I'm getting on a plane to fly half way across the world. I really don't want to go like really! I even started unpacking but Louis stopped me. He said I was being stupid and unpacking wouldn't do anything. I'm really going to miss him. And all my other friends.
Mum: Darling where is your carry on luggage?
Me: It's here mum.
I handed her my hand bag and my giant Pooh Bear. Yes I have a giant Pooh Bear he's about 90cm tall. Louis gave him to me when we were in 2nd grade.
Mum: Darling you can't take that in your carry on luggage.
Me: Why not? He doesn't take up THAT much space.
Mum: Ugh fine I give up! Oh and Louis is down stares.
Me: Thanks mum. *leaving my room to go down stares*
Louis: Hey Pooh!
Me: Hi Boo Bear. *sad face*
Louis: Why the long face?
Me: It just that I'm going to miss you so much. *starting to cry*
Louis: Hay don't cry love you'll make me cry.
Me: I'm sorry I just don't wan to leave you. *crying*
Louis: I don't want you to leave ether. I'm going to miss you!
Me: *still crying*
Louis: Hay it's alright love *pulls me into a hug* let's go for a walk.
Me: Ok.
We walked out the house down the ally way and across the field that was round the back of my house. We walked all the way in silence just enjoying each others company. Louis held my hand tight and pulled me close when the wind started blowing.
Louis: We're here.
We had arrived at our special place were we would alway come when we needed to escape from life. It was an old tree house thing that wasn't really in the tree more on the ground. But parts of it were in this giant tree that you could clime and look out over Doncaster. Me and Lou found this place when we were playing. Well it was more me chasing him with a water gun cause he stole my favourite dress and had put it on and started to impersonate me. It was pretty funny. I mean seeing a 6 year old Louis in a pink floral dress is quiet funny. But then I decided to get revenge on him so I stole Harvey's (my older brother) water pistol and started chasing him. We ended up at the place we are now. We call it 'The Place Were Everything Is Hidden' cause we would always hide stuff here. At one point I think I hid his dog here. Don't ask me why but I just did.
Me: I'm going to miss this place.
Louis: Yeah we came here so much.
Me: Do you remember when we hid Harvey's swimming shorts here. *laughing*
Louis: Yes *laughing* he was getting out of the pool and they fell off.
Me: And then you stole the and we ran.
Louis: He was so mad.
Me: Yeah. Ah the good old days.
Louis: How am I meant to live with out you.
Me: You will Lou it's not going to be that hard.
Louis: Are you crazy? It's going to be impossible. How can I live with out my best friend and the girl I fell in love with?
Me: I know Boo I'm in the same situation.
Louis: Except that you have to make brand new friends.
Me: Yeah I'm going to live in a strange town with no friends. Well isn't this going to be fun. *sarcasm*
Louis: You'll be fine love. I know you will.
Me: How?
Louis: Cause anyone who wouldn't want to be your friend is insane.
Me: Aww thanks Boo.
He then lent in and kissed me. The kiss was passionate and long. After a while his tongue slid into my mouth and depend the kiss. Unfortunately Harvey had to come and rowen our moment.
Harvey: *cough*
Me and Louis broke apart immediately.
Harvey: OMG YOU WERE AT IT LIKE ANIMALS!!!!! *laughing*
Me: Oh shut up Harvey! It's not like I haven't court you doing the same thing with you girlfriend.
Harvey: Oh Heather? We broke up.
Me: Oh I'm sorry Harvey. How come?
Harvey: She can't handle long distance relationships.
Me: Well then she's not worth you.
Harvey: Thanks Ren( he calls me Ren cause when I was little my mum called me Jenny-Renn).
Louis: I'm still here.
Me: Soz Lou.
Harvey: Now as much as I love seeing you stick your tongues down each other throats we need to go, the plane leaves in two hours and we need to get to the air port.
Me: Ok *sad face*
Louis: *whispers in my ear* How about I drive you to the air port?
Me: *whispers in his ear* I'd like that.
We got bake to my place and thank god Harvey didn't tell mum what he saw me and Louis doing. Mum said that Louis could drive me to the air port and that they'd meet me there.
The car ride was long and silent. Louis kept his hand on mine the whole time. When we finally arrived at the air port Louis helped me get my bags out of the car and carry them inside, were we going my family and gave my dad my luggage.
Louis: Your taking that on the plane with you? *pointing to my Pooh Bear*
Me: Yes it reminds me of you.
Louis: Aww I'm going to miss you Pooh!
Me: I know the feeling Boo! In fact no I'm not taking Pooh Bear on the plane with me.
Louis: Then what are you going to do with him?
Me: I'm giving him to you.
Louis: Why?
Me: So you'll always have a Pooh Bear to hold when you need a cuddle or when your sad.
Louis: Aww thanks Pooh. When ever I see it I'll think of you.
Intercom: Flight 57 to Australia is ready for boarding.
Me: I guess this is good bye then.
Louis: I'm going to miss you so much. *pulls me into a hug*
Me: I'm going to miss you too.
Louis: I love you Jenn.
Me: I love you to Louis.
Louis: I love you more.
Me: I love you the most. *crying*
Louis: I still love you more. *crying*
Me: Impossible. *kisses him*
Louis: Goodbye my Pooh bear.
Me : Goodbye my Boo Bear.
I walked over to Harvey. He then wrapped his arm around me cause I was crying. I looked back to see Louis standing there with tears streaming down his face watching me leave. I gave him a wave and I weak smile. He waved and smiled in return.
Louis' pov
There she goes. I don't know when I'll see her next or weather she'll still live me. All I know is that I will never stop loving her.

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