Still The One

What would you do if you had to move half way acroos the world after you found out something that could make you the happiest person alive. Thats what happend to Jenn. She had to move away right after her bestfriend Louis Tomlinson tells her something shes been waiting to hear forever.


6. Chapter 6

*after dinner*
Jenn's pov
*walking to the car*
Me: That was one of the best dinners I've ever had.
Louis: Same but only cause I spent it with you.
Me: Awww Boo your so sweet.
Louis: Well I mean it.
Me: Your the best, you always know how to make me smile.
Louis: Good cause your smile lights up my whole world.
Me: Awww *kisses him*
Louis: *opening car door for me* My Lady.
Me: Why thank you kind sir.
*in the car driving somewhere*
Me: Hay Lou Bear where are we going?
Louis: That's for me to know and you to find out.
Me: But you know I have curiosity issues.
Louis: I know and it's going to be quite entertaining watching you freak out cause you don't know where we're going.
Me: Gee I love you.
Louis: I love me too.
Me: *eye roll* Please tell me where we're going! *puppy dog eyes*
Louis: No don't do the puppy dog eyes! You know That's my weak spot.
Me: But Boo I really want to know where we're going.
Louis: No! Stop it! *pulls the car over*
Me: What are you doing?
Louis: This. *covers my eyes with a blind fold*
Me: What the hell Louis!?
Louis: Now you can't do your puppy dog face.
Me: Humf.
Louis: Love you Pooh.
Me: I would glare at you but you blind folded me.
Louis: *laughing* we're almost here.
Me: Good.
Ten minutes later
Me: Are we there yet.
Louis: Yes.
Me: So you can take the blind fold off me now.
Louis: Nope.
Me: But you said.
Louis: It's a surprise.
Me: Humf.
Louis: *opening my door* Take my hand.
Me: Fine, but where are we?
Louis: *leading me somewhere* Somewhere on Earth I think.
Louis: Calm your farm. We're here. *taking blind fold off me*
Me: Wow!
Louis: Thought you would like it.
Me: Like it? It's beautiful here.
Before me was the most beautiful beach ever. The waves were gently crashing to shore. And the sun was slowly setting over the ocean creating an amazing couloir in the sky.
Louis: Not as beautiful as you.
Me: Awww Lou *kisses him*
Louis: Come on let's go sit on the sand.
Me: Ok
Louis: *gets blanket out of car and puts it on the sand* My Lady.
Me: Wow you know how to spoil me.
Louis: Anything for you.
Me: I love you.
Louis: I love you more.
Me: I love you the most.
Louis: I still love you more.
Me: Impossible.
Louis: I got you a present.
Me: Really you didn't have to.
Louis: I know but I wanted to. Here open it. *handed me a small box*
Me: *opening box* Wow Lou it's beautiful.
Inside the box was a gorgeous gold love heart locket.
Louis: Not as beautiful as what's on the inside.
Me: *opening the locket* Omg Louis how did you get a picture of that?
Louis: My mum took it.
Inside the locket was a picture of me and Louis kissing when we where five.
Me: I love it.
Louis: And I love you. Here let me put it on you. *putting the necklace on me*
Wow I have the best boyfriend ever. Louis is so thoughtful and romantic

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