Still The One

What would you do if you had to move half way acroos the world after you found out something that could make you the happiest person alive. Thats what happend to Jenn. She had to move away right after her bestfriend Louis Tomlinson tells her something shes been waiting to hear forever.


4. Chapter 4

Jenn's pov
I woke up to an empty house. Well that's odd my family like sleeping and usually don't get up till midday. Oh yeah they went camping. I stayed home course I dislike camping and would rather be with my friends while I'm on vacation plus I've only go two weeks left before I have to move.
My phone went off saying I have a new text.
Louis: Hey beautiful happy Valentines Day! Sorry I can't be with you today. I love and ill see you at 7:00
<3 Boo Bear
Oh yeah it Valentines Day I totally forgot. And now I'm going to be spending it alone.
I'm hungry I better go have some breakfast. Mmm what should I have I think I'll have pancakes.
There done now to eat them. Yum these are pretty good
My phone went off saying I have a new reminder. What I don't remember setting a reminder on my phone.
Reminder: I love you <3 Boo Bear
Aww he put a reminder in my phone that's so cute. And for the rest of the day my phone would go off reminding me that I'm beautiful and that Louis loves me. At around 3:00pm I decided to have a shower. After my shower I went to my wordrobe and saw the most beautiful dress ever and a not saying
Hey gorgeous,
Hope you like the dress be reddy by 7:00 ill pick you up then love you!
<3 Boo
Aww that's so sweet. Now I'm waiting for him to pick me up. It's 6:50 so he should be here soon.
*knock knock*
That must be him.
Me: Hello *opening door*
Louis: Greetings My Lady * leans down and kisses my hand*
Me: Better now that your here.
Louis: This way My Lady.
He led me down that drive way to his car. He opened the door for me.
Me: Why thank you.
Louis: *getting in the other side* Anything for you.
Me: Aww Boo.
Louis: I love you Pooh Bear ( he's called me Pooh Bear ever since we were little, I'm his Pooh Bear and he's my Boo Bear)
Me: I love you to Boo.
Louis: I love you more.
Me: I love you the most.
Louis: I still love you more.
Me: Impossible.



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love you all my carrots <3

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