Still The One

What would you do if you had to move half way acroos the world after you found out something that could make you the happiest person alive. Thats what happend to Jenn. She had to move away right after her bestfriend Louis Tomlinson tells her something shes been waiting to hear forever.


3. Chapter 3

Louis' pov
Me: your moving to Australia?
Jenn: Yes *sniffles*
I cant believe she is actually moving half way across the world from me. This can't be happening. I can't lose here not now.
Me: Why?
Jenn: Cause my mum got a three year posting over there. *starts crying*
Me: Hay, don't cry. Please don't cry, i'ts going to be ok.
Jenn: But what about us?
Me: when are you leaving?
Jenn: In two weeks.
Me: Well we can make it work. we'll just have to treasure the time we have left with each other.
Jenn: I going love you.
Me: I going love you more.
Jenn: I going love you the most.
me: I still love you more.
Jenn: Impossible.
Now was the time. She had stopped crying so now I'm going to take the chance do something I've wanted to do for ages.
Jenn's pov
He started leaning closer to me and before i new it we were kissing it wasn't like any other kiss I'd ever had. It was special it was like out lips fitted together like puzzle pieces. We pulled away smiling like idiots.
Louis: Sorry your lips looked so lonely I thought I'd introduce them to mine.
Me: Well I'm glad you did. But its late and I need sleep.
Louis: Well good night then.
Me: Good night.
Louis: I love you.
Me; I love you too

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