Still The One

What would you do if you had to move half way acroos the world after you found out something that could make you the happiest person alive. Thats what happend to Jenn. She had to move away right after her bestfriend Louis Tomlinson tells her something shes been waiting to hear forever.


11. Chapter 11

Jenn's pov
Omg I'm actually nervous! It's just at my old school every new kid got bullied and picked on. Plus I used to get bullied but I had Louis there and all my other friends like Merel and Lexie.
Harvey: You ok Jenn?
Me: What? Yeah I'm fine just a little nervous I guess.
Harvey: You'll be fine.
Me: Easy for you to say you have like this talent or something where everyone wants to be your friend.
Harvey: Well I'm your brother so we've got the same genetics so you must have it too.
Me: I wish.
We arrived at the school. Now the car mum and dad got Harvey wasn't a crapy second hand one no it was a brand new latest tec one so it erased a lot of attention to us. As I got out of the car people were staring at me whispering stuff to each other.
Harvey: Bye sis I'll meet you back here after school yeah?
Me: Ok *hugging him*
Harvey: Have fun and good luck!
Me: You too! Bye.
Harvey: Bye!
As I walked up to the high school more people were starting to star and whisper.
Some guy: *wolf whistle* hey hot stuff.
Me: *looking at him like he's crazy* What?!
Some other guy: Hay don't pay attention to him your a lady not a dog so don't turn around when he whistles. *leading me inside*
Me: Umm...thanks.
Andrew: No problem! I'm Andrew by the way.
Me: I'm Jenn.
Andrew: Nice name.
Me: Thanks umm do you think you could show me where the front office is by any chance?
Andrew: Yea sure its this way.
He then led me down a massive corridor filled with students and then to the front office.
Me: Thanks Andrew!
Andrew: No problem I guess I'll be seeing you around.
Me: Yeah see ya.
Andrew: Bye!
I walked over to the office where there was this little old lady sitting in front of a computer typing away her name tag said Daisy.
Me: Umm... Excuse me?
Daisy: Oh hello what do you need dear?
Me: I'm new here and I don't have a timetable.
Daisy: Oh your umm Jenn aren't you?
Me: Yup that's me.
Daisy: Well hold on a tic while I print off your timetable.
Me: Thanks.
Daisy: What's your last name dear?
Me: Crawford.
And with that she printed off my timetable and gave me it along with a map to which I was very great full. She then told me to take a seat so she could get a student to come and show me around. I secretly hoped it was Andrew cause he was really nice to me this morning.
Samantha: Hi I'm Samantha but you can call me Sammy!
Me: Oh hi I'm Jenn.
Samantha: I'm going to be showing you around today cause we have all the same classes!
Me: Cool!
Samantha: Shall we go then?
Me: Yup!
Samantha showed me around the school and then we went to our first class which was science.
Samantha: Sorry we're late sir I had to show Jenn around she's the new student.
Mr. Poly: That's ok everyone this is Jenn make her feel welcome please. Now Jenn the only spare desk is next to Andrew is that ok?
Me: Yeah thanks.
Mr. Poly: Alright class back to work!
As I walked over to Andrew they same guy who whistled at me this morning whistled at me again.
Andrew: Now do I have to tell you again that she's a lady not a dog so don't whistle at her or does your memory actually last longer that three seconds?
Calum: Now Andy there's no reason to get jealous.
Andrew: Jealous? Of what? The fact that all the popular girls are falling over me including actually especially your girlfriend?
Calum: Hay Ally would never fall for you.
Andrew: She already did.
Calum: *evil glare*
Andrew: Oh I'm solo scared!
Me: Hey "Andy" *quoting Calum*
Andrew: Hi sorry you'll have to excuse Calum he likes attention.
Me: Nah it's all good he deserved that.
Andrew: Your telling me!
Me: So what are we doing?
Andrew: Text book work but I've already finished and Mr. Ploy wouldn't care if you didn't do anything cause you new.
Me: Cool!
Andrew: Yup so Jenn?
Me: What?
Andrew: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Umm...I have a brother my dads never home and my moms always to busy to really care about me but to make up for it they spoil me.
Andrew: How?
Me: Ok so I only got here yesterday and they've already given am my own room with a double king sized be and adjoined bathroom all to myself, a horse and a plasma T.V.
Andrew: WOW! Your parents must be rich!
Me: You could say that. So what's your family like?
Andrew: Normal three brothers a dogs and two parents.
Me: Three brothers?
Andrew: Yup! So what do you like to do in your spare time?
Me: T.V, ride my horse go on Facebook and twitter, read, play my guitar and the piano. Oh yeah and shoot my brother with Nerf guns!
Andrew: You have Nerf guns?
Me: Yeah me and Louis used to have wars all the time and we'd hang up one our siblings it was a lot of fun.
Andrew: Who's Louis?
Me: boyfriend and my best friend.
Andrew: Oh it must of been hard for you to leave him behind.
Me: Yeah half way across the world. *shigh*
Andrew: So where are you from?
Me: Doncaster England.
Andrew: Is it cold over there?
Me: I guess but I'm used to it I mean it's hot over here.
Andrew: Yeah just wait till summer.
Me: How hot does it get?
Andrew: Usually late thirties but some time it reaches forty degrees.
Me: Damn that's hot glad I've got a swimming pool.
Andrew: Lucky.
Me: Not really.
Andrew: How?
Me: Big house but nobody to fill it.
Andrew: True.
We spent the rest of class taking an everything to know each other. When the bell went Samantha came over and took me to my locker but then she said she had to go cause she had a meeting or something. So now I'm at my locker alone. Oops spoke to soon here comes Calum.
Calum: Hey sexy!
Me: *eye roll*
Calum: Playing hard to get are we.
Me: *ignoring him*
Calum: Come on hot stuff you know you want a kiss.*turns me around and holds me by the wast*
Me: Get off me! *trying to push him off*
Calum: Come on just one kiss.
Andrew: Oy you hear her get off!
Calum: Oh getting your new boyfriend to defend you now.
Me: He's not my boyfriend.
Andrew walked up to Calum and pushed him off me he then punched Calum in the face. Calum was so taken aback by this he just stood there gobsmacked.
Andrew: Don't you ever touch her again!
Calum: I'll get you for this.
Me: Piss off Calum.
Calum: *walking away* I'll get that kiss eventually!
Andrew: Are you alright Jenn?
Me: Yeah just a little surprise ld I think.
Andrew: He didn't hurt you did he?
Me: No and thank you.
Andrew: No biggie he deserved that.
Me: That's the under statement of the century!
Andrew: Defiantly! Hay do you want to hang out wit me?
Me: Yeah sure.
Andrew: Cool.
We walked down the corridors and we were about to go outside but a bunch of girls in short skirts and way to much make up stopped us.
Ally: Who's your new friend Andrew? *snarly voice*
Andrew: Well hello to you too Ally.
Ally: Andrew why don't you ditch her and come hang out with us?
Andrew: Cause I don't like hanging out with people who forget to get dressed properly in the morning.
Me: Burn.
Ally: Shut up newbie.
Me: Oh you've already given me a nickname we are totally becoming friends! *sarcasm*
Ally: Ugh girls we have to leave if I look at that thing *points to me* any longer I'm going to puke.
Me: Oh so your looking in a mirror.
Ally: Ugh b**ch! *storms off*
Andrew: Ha lol she couldn't even come up wit ha come back!
Me: That's cause my sass always wins.
Andrew: Yeah you. Are very sassy.
Me: Thats cause I don't take no sh*t. *snaps finger in Z formation*
Andrew: Im totally calling you The Sass Master From Doncaster.
Me: Lol that's what my friend at home used to call Louis.
Andrew: Why?
Me: Cause he would always try to out sass me.
Andrew: Lol!
And after that my day was pretty boring I hung out with Andrew and Sammy and their friend Summer. Who I later learnt Andrew has a massive crush on. After school Harvey drove me home and I called Loui

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