Still The One

What would you do if you had to move half way acroos the world after you found out something that could make you the happiest person alive. Thats what happend to Jenn. She had to move away right after her bestfriend Louis Tomlinson tells her something shes been waiting to hear forever.


10. Chapter 10

Jenn's pov
Plane landed about an hour ago and now I'm sitting in a taxi. Australia is defiantly different to England. It's so sunny here and the sky is blue there's not a cloud in site. And the country side is beautiful. See from what mum told me we are going to live in a house about fifteen minutes drive from the edge of Canberra (the capital city of Australia). And mum says she has a surprise waiting for me at the house. Ever since we landed dad hasn't stopped taking pictures. Every few minutes he like "smile kids!" and takes a picture of me and Harvey. Harvey hasn't said much since we got here. He's trying to be positive about it for mum but he's failing miserably. I on the other hand an to tired and depressed to even talk to my parents. I don't know how but when we were on the plane I felt lonely and sad and as we flew feet her away I missed him even more. His blue eyes that never seem to be one colour, his brown hair and the was he lets it flop on his face, his gorgeous smile that could brighten up anyone's day and his laugh. Oh that laugh as soon as you hear it you can't help but laugh too even if you don't see what's funny. I really wish Louis was here with me. But he's of to X factor to be come a star. I know he will do well. The song he chose can't fail. Well I say he chose but really I chose it. Se he was having trouble picking a song cause he decided that cause I'm leaving he's finally going to go on X factor and so he asked me which of his song choices he should sing and I went and picked one of his old CDs up and told him he should sing that.
15 minutes later
Wow I mean seriously wow! I thought my old house was big but compared to this it's a shack!
Dad: Well Jenn are you going to stand there with your mouth open or are you going to go see what you rooms like.
Me: Which rooms mine?
Dad: Up the stairs first door on you left. You can't miss it it's got you name plastered on the door.
Me: Thanks dad.
*walking into the house*
Wow it's like its bigger on the inside kinda like the T.A.R.D.I.S (Doctor Who reference). *walking up the stairs* Ok first door on my left. Here we are *opening door* WOW! My room is huge it's like massive it's got a double king size bed and a plasma telly, a massive walk in wardrobe, an adjoining bathroom all to my self with a spar bath and a large shower and the roof is really high.
Mum: So what do you think?
Me: OMG mum I love it! It's amazing!
Mum: Good! Now for you first surprise!
Me: First?
Mum: Yes, now see that part of you sealing that's a low hanging square?
Me: Yes.
Mum: and see that string handing from it?
Me: Yes.
Mum: Go pull it.
Me: Okay...
I walked over to the string and pulled it. Down came a ladder which I climbed. Up on the platform was a nice little space with bean bags and book shelfs and a window with a View of the country side.
Me: Wow mum it beautiful up here.
Mum: Well you always said you wanted a place where you could get away from everything and now you do!
Me: *climbing back down* Thank you so much mum!
Mum: your welcome darling *hugs me* now for your second surprise!
Me: There's a second surprise?
Mum: Yes follow me.
I followed her out side to our backyard. We had a huge swimming pool, a tennis court, a tree house which had a telly incur and some bean bags. Mum then led me out a gate that led in to a medium sized paddock with a small stable joined to it. And in that paddock was a horse. Not just any horse but Princess. Princess was my pony when I was little but mum an dad sold her cause they though I was getting to big for a pony.
Me: OH MY GOSH!!!! MUM?!?!? How did you find her?*hugged my mum*
Mum: It was pretty easy see we sold her to some Australian guy and we kept his phone number.
Me: Mum I love you so much!! *running over to Princess*
Wow my mum is the best! I can't believe she got me back my horse! Eeeeeeep!
Me: Hey girl! Do you remember me? *patting Princess* wow you've gotten big!
I stood there for god knows how long patting Princess in till Harvey came over to me.
Harvey: Hey sis.
Me: Hey Harvey.
Harvey: Wow mum and dad really want you to like it here.
Me: Yeah they do but I will always want to go back to England as long as Louis is there.
Harvey: Mum wanted me to tell you to put Princess in the stable cause dinner is going to be ready soon.
Me: Ok thanks. Want to help me?
Harvey: Sure seeing as there is nothing else to do till dad gets the Wi-Fi up and running.
Me: Harvey there is more to life than the Internet.
Harvey: Your right gaming and watching T.V is what else there is to life.
Me: *eye roll* Wow you must lead a very sad life.
Harvey: I try my best.
Me: Well come on then are you going to help me or not?
Harvey: Coming.
We walked Princess into the stables and put her in her stall.
Me: So what did mum and dad 'surprise' you with?
Harvey: A new X-box and Wii plus a room the same as yours.
Me: So to you go gaming consoles and I got a horse. I think I can tell who's the favourite.
Harvey: That's only cause your "daddy's little princess".
Me: Maybe.
We went inside just in time for dinner.
Dinner was quiet cays ewe were all hungry and to busy eating to talk. After dinner I had a shower and unpacked my stuff. And now I'm lying on my bed trying to decide weather I should watch The Notebook(my favourite movie) or not. Cause usually I watch it with Lou so he can contort me when I cry. But he's not here so I'm a little stuck. I think I'll just go to bed cause I have school tomorrow and I'm jet lagged.
Next day
Mum: WAKE UP JENN!!!!!!!! *tips my bed upside down*.
Well ok maybe that didn't actually happen but that's what it felt like. Really mum just shook me gently till I woke up.
Mum: Get dressed for school there is pancakes down stairs for you.
Me: Mmmm I don't want to get up!
Mum: Well you have to love come on.
Me: Fine fine I'm getting up.
Mum: Good be down stairs in ten minutes.
Me: Ok.
I got dressed into some high wasted skinny jeans and my favourite top. Along with my fave converse. And I went down stairs.
Dad: Morning love.
Me: Hey dad.
Dad: Sleep well?
Me: Not really but it's ok.
Mum: There you are I was beginning to think you went back to sleep.
Me: I wish! *sitting down at the table*
Mum: Here you are Hun. *handing me pancakes*
Me: Thanks mum!
I ate the pancakes in silence and then went up stairs to do my hair and get my bag. I decided to tie my hair up in a pony tale and wear my fake hipster glasses. Yes I have fake hipster glasses I wear them sometimes cause according to Lou I look really good in them.
Mum: Jenn! Are you ready to go yet?
Me: Coming mum!
I went down stairs dad had already gone to work and mum works from home most of the time.
Mum: Now Jenn I'm sorry but I can't drive you to school today.
Me: am I meant to get to school then?
Harvey: Im going to drive you cause we have school on the same campus.
Me: Yeah I know that but you don't have a car and last time you borrowed mums car you crashed it.
Harvey: Well yeah but mum and dad bought me a car.
Me: What!?
Mum: Well it's for both of you but cause your only sixteen and you can't drive yet but Harvey can.
Me: Ok then.
Harvey: Well are you coming or not?
Me: Yeah I'm coming




Hey! i hope your enjoying the story! :) just wanted to say if you have any ideas or and suggestions im all ears! thanks you for reading!

Love you ma carrots! <3

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